Lydia & Parrish Should Date On 'Teen Wolf' & Here's Why They'll Be Your New Favorite 'Ship

One thing I love about Teen Wolf is that there's so much more to it than just 'ships. The show rather seamlessly transitioned from Scott and Allison's (RIP so hard) relationship to Scott and Kira's relationship without making a big fuss, Stiles and Malia can be together without having to make their relationship the entirety of their plotlines, and every other relationship in between almost takes a back seat to everything else these teens have to deal with. However, that doesn't stop me from 'shipping the hell out of some of my favorite characters, and my newest target on Teen Wolf is Lydia Martin and Deputy Jordan Parrish, because they should absolutely date.

This might be kind of painful for all the Stydia (Stiles & Lydia) 'shippers of yore to hear, but I think that that 'ship has officially sailed. Stiles and Malia seem happier than ever, and even though Stiles and Lydia shared that one kiss a few seasons back, they're so much better as friends. And honestly, I think we all know deep down that the Teen Wolf writers were never going to pander to the fans that much. Besides, Lydia and Parrish are basically meant for each other. Not only that, but they'd totally make each other better, and isn't that the mark of a really great relationship? Since I'm in the mood to be a master of persuasion, here are seven reasons why Lydia and Parrish should be together that are so indisputable, even the haters will hop on board.

1. Lydia Needs A Stable Relationship

While her relationships with Jackson and Aiden were admittedly adorable, they weren't exactly healthy. With Aiden, things were more physical, and with Jackson, he got a little bit busy being a kanima. Maybe things could be better for Lydia if she dated a cop.

2. Lydia Has Always Been Mature

So it totally makes sense for her to be with an older guy.

3. Parrish Needs Someone Who Understands His Supernatural Future

Lydia's a supernatural creature herself, and before she discovered that she was banshee, she was dealing with hunters, werewolves, and kanimas, so she understands what Parrish is about to go through.

4. They're So. Freakin'. Cute.

I'm sorry, I know this technically isn't an objective reason, but just look at these two. They're so precious together!

5. Parrish Is A Little Bit Stiles-Esque

Maybe it's just that Ryan Kelley adorable in the same way that Dylan O'Brien is, but they seem alike to me.

6. They Could Help Each Other

Parrish is a cop, and, ICYMI, banshees are pretty good at predicting catastrophe, so Lydia might be helpful in Parrish's crime-fighting endeavors.

7. Lydia Pretty Much Only Dates Supernatural Guys

The girl's got a type, and Parrish definitely fits it, even if we don't quite know what he is just yet. Hopefully Teen Wolf Season 5 will give us that answer, along with some progress in Parrish and Lydia's blossoming relationship.

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