Will 'Teen Wolf's Deputy Parrish & Lydia Get Together? They Definitely Have Some Chemistry

For all the serious drama and action Teen Wolf produces every episode, it's hard to believe they still have time for romance. But oh boy, do they. Many of the characters have gotten a little loving so far in Season 4, including the usually single Stiles now that he's in a full-blown relationship with Malia, though that relationship may be in jeopardy now that she discovered Stiles knew she was Peter Hale's daughter and kept it from her. That romantic streak could continue with Deputy Jordan Parrish and Lydia Martin, Beacon Hills' very own Banshee. Is it just me or have these two given off a little bit of romantic tension in a few episodes this season? Could this young officer and Lydia become an item? It's definitely possible.

Lydia lost her romantic partner from Season 3, Aiden, when he was killed by Void Stiles' Oni assassins and she's been without love ever since. Even Stiles, the guy who's had a crush on her since birth, basically, has moved on for the time being. But according to Lydia in an early episode of Season 4, she's moved on beyond high school boys. Enter Parrish. He's a handsome, young guy with a job and a penchant for saving people. Seriously look at him. Who wouldn't want him around?

Let's start with one of the most obvious reasons this couple could work together. Both Parrish and Lydia are supernatural creatures. At the moment, we don't know exactly what Parrish is, though we have our suspicions, and Lydia is a banshee struggling with her powers. But once Parrish is ready to trust the Wolf Pack and tell them his secret, it would only make sense that Lydia, a fellow supernatural, would accept him with open arms.

Plus, both Parrish and Lydia seem to have good hearts that are determined to protect people. Parrish, as a sheriff's deputy, is sworn to do so and Lydia is desperate to stop death with her banshee powers. Even though she has gone for the "bad boys" in the past, Lydia has matured over the last few years and that sense of morality she shares with Parrish is likely to drive them together.

But I have to burst this bubble a bit because there's one giant reason these two can't be together right now: she's a minor. That's right, even though Lydia is the resident genius and pretty much all of the Beacon Hills High gang looks like they're much too old to be in high school, Lydia is still 17. And no matter how much sexual tension she and Parrish have together, he does not seem like the type to break the law since he, you know, is supposed to uphold it for work. So I say we keep this relationship in our hearts for now and revisit it when Lydia turns legal. That has to happen soon, right? These guys can't stay in high school forever — though weirder things have happened in Beacon Hills.

Images: MTV; imaginesteenwolf, a-goldenera/Tumblr