7 Britney Spears Lyrics That Are Totally About Your Relationship With Your Mom Because She Truly Gets What It's Like

Britney Spears is more than just the reigning queen of pop — she is also a real-life friendship whisperer. You didn't think all of those ballads were about boys, did you? Sure, some of them definitely were, but others focused more on the relationships between friends, or, as I interpret then, mothers and daughters. While Britney knows her way around a broken heart and the landmine that is fame, the lyrics to her songs also hold some truths about you and your beloved mom. Britney knows the ins and outs of mother-daughter bonding, and almost any of her lyrics can be applied to the strange and wonderful world of parenthood just as easily as they can to romantic love.

All mother-daughter relationships are unique in their own way, but I also believe that the best ones have commonalities, too. For many pairs, their relationship goes back and forth between getting along, having fights, and taking part in crazy eight-hour long conversations (OK, that one's not just me, right?). Britney gets it all. Maybe it's because her songs are synonymous with emotions like unconditional love and relating way too hard, or maybe Britney just understands mother-daughter bonding on a deeper level than anyone gives her credit for. Whatever the reason, these Britney lyrics, while maybe meant to be about her romantic relationships, also definitely apply to your connection with your mom.

1. No one in this world knows me better than you do. — "Dear Diary"

Your mom knows your deepest, most embarrassing secrets — even when you don't think she knows them, she totally does. She also knows that when you're sad, you need brownies and Gilmore Girls reruns.

2. When I'm not with you I lose my mind. — "Baby One More Time"

Hands down, the worst part about being a grownup is not being able to justify seeing your mom every day. No matter how old you get, you always need your mom's advice, friendship, and calming love and influence. I know when I'm away from my mom for too long, I definitely feel like I'm going batty.

3. Just call out my name and I will be there. — "Born To Make You Happy"

Your mom always has your back and you have hers, too. No matter how far away you are or what's going on in your life, all you have to do is call your mom and she will find a way to make the problem better.

4. All I know is I'm so happy when you're dancing there. — "I'm A Slave 4 U"

Moms are superheroes and when they're by your side, you totally feel invincible.

5. Another day another drama. — "Piece of Me"

Because only moms understand why your roommate eating all of your Pringles is a big deal (and love you enough to actually listen when you whine about it).

6. If they told me it's over, I wouldn't believe it. — "Don't Cry"

Your mom is your mom for life. Friends and relationships come and go, but your mom is the truest BFF you will ever have.

7. Nothin' about you is typical, nothin' about you is predictable. — "Unusual You"

Your mom is not like any other mom on the planet. She is a total boss, wonderfully silly, and still full of safe advice. The coolest part about getting older is learning new ways your mom is the coolest, most special woman on the planet.

Next time you're hanging out with your mom, make sure to put some Britney on (even if she protests), because the singer gets you guys like no one else.

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