Watch John Legend Cover Sam Smith

This might be the sexiest sensitive nice guy musical crossover to end all sexy nice guy musical crossovers. On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram video of her husband John Legend performing a cover of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down," and it was just as soulful and tear-jerking as you'd expect from Legend, or Smith for that matter. Teigen's video doesn't specify where she captured Legend's performance, but it was likely during a stop along Legend's current European tour.

Apparently, Legend is a Smith fan, and the cover was peak Legend: sort of sexy, sort of inspirational, certified baby making music. Legend and Smith have such a similar sound, overall vibe, and both seem to brand themselves as sensitive, sweet guys with voices that make you want to take your clothes off. Both also seem to like each other enough to cover each other's music, so Legend's song selection makes sense a lot of sense.

Especially considering that it's not the first time Legend has taken on a Smith song. Back in March, the two dueted on "Lay Me Down" to benefit Red Nose Day, a charity event. They only performed it live once, but it was an absolutely stunning rendition that solidified the fact that the two need to team up together far more often.

No word yet on whether Smith has seen Legend's performance of the song, or what he thinks of the cover, but he probably wouldn't be disappointed. Tiegen's video is definitive proof that not only does Legend do great Sam Smith covers, he also makes a strong case for all future Smith/Legend collaborations. Musically and vocally, they seem to have a lot in common and, as their first duet proved, they sound great together. Let's hope the duo chooses to collaborate once more, or at the very least, continues covering each other's songs as often as possible.

Check out the video of Legend's "Lay Me Down" cover below: