11 Times The Summer Heat Turned You Into April Ludgate Of 'Parks And Recreation'

As much as we love to talk up the summer and profess all of the wondrous aspects that accompany the sunny weather, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s just admit it: there are without a doubt, some downsides. Namely, the unbearable, sticky, heavy, scorching, and tiring heat. Our emotions and moods can change depending upon intricate little sensitives, and a hotter than normal temperature mixed in with some solid humidity can transform even the most altruistic person into someone more sinister. Someone, like say, Parks and Recreation’s aspiring demon, April Ludgate.

Before you think that’s too rash of an assumption, let me assure you, I’ve thought about this long and hard. Sure, I suppose it can be tough to admit that you’re one and the same with a macabre and pessimistic character like April, but it’s also freeing, in a way. April readily taps into her impulsive and passion driven darker side and it’s a lot more cathartic identifying with her than with someone who is unnaturally chipper all the time. Especially when it’s warmer out than the innards of a steaming hot pocket.

Here are 11 ways the summer heat turns you into April Ludgate:

1. When You're In A Crowded Bar Without Air Conditioning

*Gets elbowed in the face* Would that be so bad?

2. When There's Only Enough Room In The Subway Car For One More, So You Let The Elderly Person Go In Your Place

And, you're left standing in the sweltering subway, next to the dude singing aloud to whatever is playing in his headphones.

3. When You Need To Make It From Your House To Work Without Your Hair Tripling In Size

Someone help me apparate. Or, send a hovercraft. Or at least lend me a baseball cap...

4. When You Accidentally Touch A Piece Of Metal That Was Baking In The Sun, Causing You To Denounce Nature In All Its Forms

Remember in the winter when your car door was frozen solid and you couldn't get to work? Ah, such good times.

5. When Your Room Is The First One In The House To Have The Air Conditioner Installed

Every woman for herself.

6. When You Go For A Run And Have To Dodge A Slew Of Dog Walkers

But the dogs are the only ones who are polite enough to step out of your way.

7. When You're Sweaty And Someone Tries To Touch You

*Hairs on neck raise* No... Don't...

8. When It's Over 80 Degrees And You Have To Cook

Attention friends: All future summer meals will remain frozen. Thanks in advance.

9. When Your Roommate Insists You Go Food Shopping During A Heatwave

So what if there's no food? That's what Seamless is for.

10. When You're Stuck At Work And Your Friends Go To The Beach Without You

Hope you remember to reapply that SPF, traitors.

11. When You're Dreading Going To An Outdoor Wedding In August

So, in the scheme of things, it's not so bad.

Summer may be all about April, but when fall comes around, get ready to turn into a leaf-loving, meadow-skipping Leslie Knope.

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