Amy Poehler Reunited With 'Parks And Rec' Co-Stars Rashida Jones & Rob Lowe & It Was Crazy Adorable — PHOTO

It's an Independence Day miracle, Parks and Recreation fans! The stars of the beloved NBC series made viewers' hearts sing when Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Rob Lowe reunited for a July 4 holiday bash over the weekend. The trio posted pictures to mark the momentous occasion, and I'm thrilled they did; since Parks & Rec left the air in February, the world has been a little less bright without Leslie Knope, Ann Perkins, and Chris Traeger on TV. It's literally the best news ever to know the cast still hangs out with each other when they get the chance. Poehler, Jones, and Lowe didn't share any details of their afternoon of fun, but from the looks of the grins on their faces, I imagine the trio had a day to remember.

The only person missing from the pic to fully represent the show's BFF/power couple quartet is Adam Scott (Leslie's husband, Ben Wyatt), but I'm just going to enjoy the trio and pretend Ben got stuck at home with the triplets because they finally terrorized all of their babysitters. (The very busy Scott was most likely actually promoting his new movie The Overnight , but you let me indulge in my fantasies, and I'll let you indulge in yours.) Are you ready for cuteness overload? Check out these three cuties group hugging for the camera:

Look at them! I cannot deal with all of the feelings they give me. From their matching grins to the joy of seeing Ann and Leslie together again (and making a Chris sandwich!), this truly is the greatest picture in all the land. Also, who else is digging Poehler's new locks? She looks very chic indeed.

That's not the only picture from the reunion, though. Chris and Ann fans prepare yourselves because you are about to have all the feels. Check out Lowe and Jones' solo pic.

Lowe called Jones his "Pawnee Pal"! Excuse me, I think there's something in my eye, because I am definitely not crying over these three beautiful tropical fish reminding me how great they are together. Can a full show reunion happen next?