Becky Tells A Shocking Story On 'Big Brother 17'

During an episode packed with game play, Big Brother 17 took a break from all of that strategy for a few minutes to let one houseguest tell a shocking story that just might cause you to view her in a totally new light. This week's Head of Household Becky Burgess said she was hit by a train to some of the other houseguests, who were completely taken aback. Though I was unable to find any official reports of the accident, according to Becky, after peeking around a parked van to look to see if the train was coming, she was hit in the face by the train and thrown several feet away, suffering multiple injuries in the process. She didn't go into detail about when or where this allegedly occurred, but did describe her recovery process.

The 26-year-old told Jackie, Liz, and Jason that she was out of work for eight weeks after breaking her hand, leg, and foot, in addition to facial injuries. What stood out to me the most during this story was Becky's consistently upbeat demeanor. Considering all that she went through following this alleged incident, I wouldn't be surprised if she became emotional when discussing it or shied away from the subject, but she managed to keep a smile on her face as she told the other houseguests how the experience changed her life. She said it made her become closer with her family, repair the relationship with her grandmother, and become "basic." The group she was talking to was clearly in awe of her, with Jason and Jackie taking to the Diary Room to express amazement at her story.

Jackie and Becky had never seemed particularly close, but this conversation may have changed that. Jackie clearly has a lot of respect for Becky after hearing this, and even expressed a desire to align with her. The surprising, intense story just showed that Becky is a very strong person, and I'm sure anyone who sees it will be inspired by her.

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Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS