7 Things Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' Wedding Probably Featured, From Fireworks To Sing-Alongs

Well, it looks like Mila Kunis has changed her mind about marriage. According to People, Kunis and Ashton Kutcher finally tied the knot this past weekend in an allegedly private ceremony in Oak Glen, Calif. Over the past couple of months, the two had been fueling rumors of marriage, even showing off rings on that finger, but all reports of a wedding were deemed false — until now. On Sunday, Jul 5, a source confirmed to People that the actors wed in a secret ceremony sometime over the past few days, but, since the pair themselves have yet to confirm the rumor, we have no idea what happened during Kutcher and Kunis' wedding.

After several years of friendship, dating, and then parenthood, fans are ecstatic to learn that the two have allegedly decided to say, "I do." While I am sure that the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, (I mean how could it not be with these two involved?), fans are probably wondering what the actual reception was like. The whole thing was probably very secretive and close-knit, but I imagine there was a killer guest list involved, including some of their That's 70's Show co-stars.

Of course, the couple are still keeping hush hush on all the details, here are a few theories about what probably went down at Kutcher and Kunis' reported wedding.

1. Totally Laid-Back and Casual Reception

According to Us Weekly, the couple got married at The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch, so I can only imagine the reception was just as easygoing as the two newlyweds themselves.

2. Cute Pictures With Baby Wyatt

You best believe their adorable daughter Wyatt was included in some memorable family photos.

3. Fully Stocked Bar

Kunis did appear as the spokesperson for Beam, Inc. after all. Maybe they got a special discount on celebratory drinks for the party.

4. Heartfelt and Hilarious Speeches

These two certainly know a thing or two about comedy, so I can only imagine what the speeches at their wedding were like.

5. Yummy Snacks and Food

Kunis proclaims herself as a huge foodie, so it only makes sense that her and Kutcher's wedding would have lots of good eats.

6. Sing-Along With That's 70's Show Cast

Nothing says wedding like a 6 part harmony of a Big Star song. What better way to bring the gang together than to see two of their best friends get married?

7. Fireworks, Literally and Figuratively

Not only is there major sparks between these two, since their marriage took place over July 4th weekend, there were probably some literal fireworks going on in the sky as well.

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