19 Reasons To Date A Girl From The South

Some of the stereotypes of the South are pretty unfair. According to false folklore and some pop culture, we're all hateful flag-waving dummies who hump our own cousins. Listen, every region of every country has its fair share of horrible people and sadly the South is no different. However, we Southerners do have a number of stand-out, awesome qualities, which is why there are endless reasons to date a girl from the South.

I grew up and spent most my life in North Florida, which doesn't sound like the South by definition, but I promise just a few hours in the rocking chair-stuffed land would convince you otherwise. I did a decent stint in the Northeast part of the U.S., primarily in New York with a little time spent living in D.C. I now live in Atlanta. So I've seen both sides of being balls-deep in the South and being out in the northern wild, able to spot my own kin from a stone's throw away. We Southern girls just do things a bit different—and I don't mean sweet tea. I actually don't like sweet tea at all, which I realize makes me an anomaly down here. A Southern girl's charm is a bit more nuanced than that. Here's some reasons you really ought to date a girl from the South, because, well:

Here we go!

Manners come standard

Among our first words are classics like "please," "thank you," and "may I?" It's pretty much compulsive, and yeah—we will fight you to hold the door.

We're a big hit with parents

It's the manners thing, mostly, coupled with our ~super~ charming smiles.

We default to gender-neutral collective pronouns

It doesn't matter who we're talking to our about, they're all "y'all."

It's hard to gross us out

It's very likely we've smashed a cockroach with our bare hands out of necessity.

We don't need shoes

So sometimes the above has happened with bare feet which I'll admit is more surprising.

We have our own style

And don't exactly need affirmation from anyone else to feel good rocking it daily.

You'll eat really well

We don't see the point in avoiding to learn to cook. Instead, we pride ourselves on never letting folks leave our homes unless they're totally stuffed.

Our love for classic rock is authentic

It was really all that mattered at home and the only thing playing on Saturday mornings in our dads' garages.

We can drive anything

And have been since we were tweens. Stick-shift? Tractor? Suped-up golf cart? Horses? No problem.

We're not shy

The loud stereotype maaay be rooted in some truth. Also, since we're used to super hot temperatures, we're also comfortable with the associated clothing—namely short shorts, crop tops, and the occasional bikini. Although the last one is less likely to surface in public. A little less likely.

You have many mix CD options available

You know how many musicians have been legit smitten with Southern women and did all the hard work (writing and recording a song about it) for you. Reap those benefits, because I can't think of many songs about women from Arizona.

We do well outdoors

We're not afraid of dirt or sweat or spiders. Hell, we thrive outside and are stoked to join you on a nature adventure any day.

We actually glisten

Growing up in a literal sauna means we've honed skills at handling summer. They mostly involve baby powder behind the knees and dry shampoo literally all over the head.

We kill summertime makeup routines

Again, the sauna childhood thing. We're basically professionals at applying waterproof makeup. It's near impossible to catch our faces amiss, even during a torturous summer thunderstorm.

But also don't need it

We feel just as sexy skipping makeup altogether on any given day.

We can hold our own

We can be real dynamite at arguing and as such, you never have to sweat our own strength. We ooze the stuff.

...In a few senses

We can also hold our liquor. And will. Regularly, possibly even better than you. What can I say?

We respect the majesty of koozies

Keep your drink cool without condensation ruining our lives. Plus, they're so variable. Your Southern girl likely has a spread so exhaustive it includes one perfectly tailored to you.

We don't default to ~girly~ drinks

We might dig our wine, but to be real, we'll always reach for whiskey first. Or a simple beer. We Southern women might even drink you under the table. Sorry not sorry, TBH.

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