This '90s Trend Will Help You Take Selfies

Remember those slap bracelets we all used to wear when we were kids? Well, they're coming back with a modernized twist: Meet Pop Stick, the slap bracelet selfie stick. That's right, folks, just in case you needed another device to undermine your God-given selfie tool — that is, the human arm — Pop Stick will extend your selfie-taking reach an additional 19 inches. According the the Pop Stick press release, it is made from "military grade" materials; the be honest, I'm not sure why we need our selfie sticks to be that indestructable, but oh well. At least it comes in 10 different color combinations, right?

How does it work? First, your phone connects to a mount at the end of the Pop Stick; and second, the bracelet uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone. This means that you can activate the camera on your phone with the press of a button, without having to reach 19 inches into the world to hit the shutter. Pop Stick isn't available yet, but when it's released, it will cost between $20 and $30. Want to make sure you'll get one the second it comes out? You can pre-order it prior to its August ship date.

In case you don't have a visual of the device, Pop Stick posted a Vine recently about what the prototype looks like:

The Pop Stick isn't the first strange contraption to try and win over the hearts and minds of selfie lovers everywhere. As strange as it may be to sport a bracelet that turns into a device to help you take selfies, these three other contraptions might even be a little stranger.

1. The Selfie Arm

Selfie arms are meant to make it seem like you actually have a friend and aren't out taking hundreds of selfies all by yourself. The device is quite literally in the shape of a human arm, with a phone mount at the end where the elbow would be. My ultimate verdict on this thing is: Part creepy, part brilliant. I mostly wish the arm weren't so grey and actually a normal human arm color.

2. The Cellfy Suction Stick

"Cellfy" is a $10 mount for your phone with suction cups on the back that allows you to stick your phone on a window, mirror, or any other suction-friendly surface. Why would you want one of these? I guess to make it seem like someone else is taking your photo, even if it's really just the mirror about your bathroom sink. Or... something.

3. The Selfie Ring

The Selfie Ring claims to be a "handsfree" device to help you take selfies, but as you can see from this image, it very much involves your hands. The idea is that if your phone is attached to your fingers, you won't drop it on your face mid-selfie, thus avoiding awkward shots on your phone of you cringing from the impending doom that will be the impact of your phone on your face.

I will, admittedly, be a little surprised if Pop Sticks or any of these devices catch on, but hey, if it happens, you might even see me around with one of them.

Images: PopStick; Glamscreen