9 Beyonce Music Video Looks That Prove She Will Forever Be ***Flawless Fashion Inspiration

There is no question that Queen Bey) is known as the best at almost everything she do. Beyoncé's music video outfits are definitely one of the many things she is incredible at. The Grammy-winning singer is killing it with her hot tracks — and the even hotter music videos for these songs.

Ever since I watched Beyoncé's Crazy In Love music video, I have been glued to this bootylicious singer and her insane music video attire. Even in her Destiny's Child days, Queen Bey was always rocking the coolest looks in her music videos. This pop star's fashion in her videos are so outstanding that they leave people discussing them for weeks on end. I mean, "Beyonce kale sweatshirt" is still a Google autofill — and "7/11" came out in November 2014.

Beyoncé's style is constantly evolving but she always making sure that her wardrobe is fun, sexy, and chic. From luxe fur coats to custom swimwear, this pop star is at the top when it comes to her videography. Let's be real, who can confidently rock an fur coat and swimsuit as effortlessly as Queen Bey?

Here are Beyoncé's nine best music video looks that will make you crave her closet — if you weren't craving it already.

1. "Crazy In Love"

While Beyoncé was crazy in love with Jay-Z in her first solo hit single, I was crazy in love with her uber stylish attire in this music video. The silk jacket with the matching hat was what really won me over. OK, and the insanely awesome dancing. Either way, this music video had myself and hundred of others crazy in love with Queen Bey.

2. "Upgrade You"

Gilded and luxurious was everything this video was about. Queen Bey rocking a gold dress while lying in a pile of gold is as luxe as it gets for music videos. This video proves that everything Bey touches turns to glittery goodness. Now you definitely upgraded on me, Bey!

3. "Rocket"

IMO, an oversized tee with no pants is one of the sexiest outfits in existence. Plus, can we please discuss the astonishing graphics and videography for the "Rocket" music video?

4. "No Angel"

Queen Bey showed that she should not be considered an angel in this raw music video. The award-winning singer donned clothing that was related to her hometown of Houston, Texas. The wide-brim hat with the bodysuit and fur coat just screams glamorous Southern belle.

5. "Baby Boy"

This hip-shaking track is hot but the music video is even hotter. With sexy, bedazzled tops and cute swimwear, Bey was one hot mama in this video. The classic dancing in the club scene is iconic because of her seductive dance moves and hot outfit. I'm pretty sure you have been on baby boy's mind too, Beyoncé.

6. "Yoncé"

"Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor." Queen Bey definitely did a number on the music video for her intro to her seductive track. This vibrant orange bodysuit had everyone speechless when they viewed the music video. Where did you purchase your bodysuit, Bey? We are all dying to know.

7. "Best Thing I Never Had"

This music video gives so much wedding day inspiration that it makes almost makes me crazy. I mean, everyone's dreamed of looking great around their ex to make them see what they are missing? Right? I can't be the only one here...

8. "Jealous"

I am still trying to figure out why Beyoncé would be jealous of anyone... Nevertheless, her fashion looks in this music video was quite vampy. My favorite look was the leather Burberry coat with gold detailing. Just might copy it this upcoming fall.

9. "Feeling Myself"

The scenes from this hot music video had almost everyone, including myself, lusting every stylish ensemble. My favorite look from Queen Bey's latest single is the custom Bulls swimsuit. Perhaps I love the swimsuit because I am a Chicago native or maybe I love it because it is quite fab? OK, I love the custom swimsuit because of both reasons.

Image: beyonceVEVO/YouTube