Is Shawn B. Single? We All Need To Know What The Hottest 'Bachelorette' Contestant Has Been Up To — PHOTOS

It’s the question on every fan’s mind: Is that Ryan-Gosling-Calvin-Harris-looking-hot-thing on The Bachelorette single and, if so, where can I get his number? Erm, OK fine. That’s the question on my mind. Probably for the rest of you, the question goes something like this: Is Shawn B. from The Bachelorette single, and, if so, what is he up to since the show wrapped? Whether your fandom is delusional like mine, or down-to-earth like a normal person’s, I have the answers to your most burning Shawn B. questions. Thanks to some serious snooping, and a tendency to over-analyze everything that has been said on The Bachelorette ever, I have a pretty decent idea about whether or not Shawn B. is single these days, and what’s he’s been up to since filming wrapped.

First thing’s first: Is the guy single? With the entire cast of The Bachelorette being contractually obligated to keep quiet until all is revealed in the final episode, there’s no way to know whether or not Kaitlyn picks Shawn B. for sure, but there is some pretty damaging evidence that suggests she might. Like the Snapchat scandal heard round the world when Kaitlyn posted a story that included a short video of her IN BED with Shawn B. I don’t know how that could not be a spoiler, but, in Bachelorette-land, you never know. Like, she could totally pick someone else, and then change her mind post-filming. WHO KNOWS. But, when you combine this little scandal with the fact that there have been no other girls on Shawn B.’s Instagram, I’m totally leaning toward “NO” as the answer to this question.

So, what has the guy been up to since The Bachelorette stopped filming over ten weeks ago? Keep reading, because I definitely have some answers to that.

1. He’s Keeping the Girls At Bay

Although there are a ton of pictures of Shawn B. with girls BEFORE he left to film The Bachelorette, there are absolutely zero of him with girls after he gets back. Instead, there are only wholesome shots of him with his adorable family. Change of priorities perhaps?

2. He’s Been Hanging with the Boys

Shawn posted a picture of himself with “Cupcake,” Chris Strandburg, during one Monday night viewing of The Bachelorette. I love it when these contestants keep the lovefest alive.

3. He’s Been Reminiscing About All That Bromance

“I think they’re a boy band,” he captioned one picture of him and the other contestants vying for Kaitlyn’s heart on the streets of Ireland. And what a drop dead sexy boy band they would make. Seriously, can someone make this happen?

4. He’s Been Living That Southern Boy Style

Honky tonkin’ and beer drinkin’, that’s what Shawn B.’s been up to as of a week ago on his Instagram.

5. He’s Been Enjoying His Fam

Weeks before Shawn B. left to win Kaitlyn’s heart, his sister had her second baby, an adorable little girl. Since he’s been back, he’s been posting lots of photos and videos of him hanging with the little ones, making my biological clock slam into high gear.

6. He’s Been Being Hot AF

Just. Like. No. I can’t. This boy, and that video, leave me utterly speechless.

7. He’s Been Planning for a Future in Show Business

Please, god and all that is holy, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Fingers crossed that we don’t see Shawn B. leave the show until the final rose ceremony. And everything else crossed that, when we do, he goes out on one knee, while proposing to Katitlyn. #TeamShawnB FOREVER!

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Image: ABC; Shawn Booth/Instagram; Shawn Booth/Twitter