Why You Should Channel J.Law This Summer

Hollywood is filled with celebrities who possess a unique dress sense that sets them apart from the rest, yet none achieves a more exquisite mashup of down-to-earth and glamorous than Jennifer Lawrence. After several years of mastering the red carpet in Dior and Calvin Klein creations, Jennifer Lawrence has street style aced as well, stepping out in ensembles at once utilitarian and twee, or sultry and sweet. Unlike fellow actresses and other starlets who manage to look airbrushed mere moments after stepping out of a Cardio Barre class, Lawrence's look is always ever-so-slightly unpolished and ruffled, as if her hectic schedule is simply too busy to allow for absolute perfection 24/7. And somehow, that je ne sais quoi attitude just works.

By pairing a couture little black dress with tousled strands or an evening gown with minimalist makeup, Lawrence exudes nonchalant elegance, otherwise known as the look every millennial craves on a daily basis. After all, what girl-on-the-go has the time for a blowout, an hour-long makeup application, and a 7 a.m. date with a silk blouse and her clothing iron each morning? The same endearing, unassuming quality that has caused millions of viewers to fall for Lawrence's wit and wisdom is present in the actress's wardrobe. If you're hankering after a similarly low-maintenance, high-impact look this season, read on for seven simple rules to achieve Lawrence's laid-back summer style.

1. Embrace The LWD (Little White Dress)

The little white dress simply exudes sartorial prowess in the summertime whether paired with beige booties and a fedora or laced greek sandals and a chic clutch. Lawrence crammed her Summer 2015 wardrobe full of well-tailored white frocks for every occasion — and so should you. What could be simpler than slipping into a white shift and sandals before waltzing out the door into the warm weather?

2. Wear Florals That Are Sultry, Not Sweet

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Instead of favoring florals rendered in cloying, pastel shades, why not take a walk on the dark side with a flower pattern rendered in moodier shades of black, crimson, and cream? As Lawrence's Met Ball gown demonstrates, vampish florals are infinitely more intriguing.

3. Kick Up Your Style With Chic Cutouts

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Cutouts are everywhere this season, including Lawrence's wardrobe. Shrewdly placed to illuminate your favorite attributes, cutouts are the modern manner of showing a hint of skin without overwhelming your audience.

4. Embrace Your Inner Goddess (With A Pleated Maxi Skirt)

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Both on and off the red carpet, Lawrence adores a floor-grazing, pleated maxi skirt. Though her personal reasons behind the choice remain a mystery, from an outside perspective an ethereal chiffon maxi skirt is utterly regal and completely arresting, yet surprisingly low-maintenance.

5. Invest In A Shirtdress

Whether you prefer fussy fashion or take a more lackadaisical approach to your wardrobe, a shirtdress should absolutely be in your sartorial wheelhouse. As Lawrence demonstrates, the piece can easily transition from a morning meeting to a talk show appearance, should your job include the off jaunt to Good Morning America.

6. Don't Hesitate To Embrace Lace

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White lace may predominantly be reserved for wedding day attire, but Lawrence's sublime summer wardrobe overturns the conventional rules of usage. When paired with urbane accents like a gritty black leather belt and unkempt curls, lace is avant-garde and on-trend.

7. Make Your Peace With Millennial Metallics

D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought you left metallic attire in 1999 after the buzz around Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century died down, it may be time to reassess your judgement. Lawrence and her entourage of young Hollywood celebrities have warmed to the metallic trend in streamlined slip dresses, so why not jump on the bandwagon in an eye-catching heavy metal look of your own?

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