What Is Ben H. Up To Since 'The Bachelorette'?

It was definitely love at first sight for me and Ben H. on The Bachelorette . He just doesn't know it yet. When Ben H. walked out of the limo and met Kaitlyn, I knew he was going to be my fan favorite until the very end. And while I would love for him and Kaitlyn to end up together — or more importantly I would like to end up with him, but opportunities are rare living across the country from him — I'm not quite sure if he and Kaitlyn have what it takes to be the endgame of this season of The Bachelorette. But because he has become such a fan favorite you might be wondering what Ben H. is up to post- Bachelorette and whether he's single, now that the show is no longer filming. [UPDATE: According to E! Online, Ben H. has been selected as the 2016 Bachelor.]

Fear not because Ben H. has an Instagram. While it's not is filled with a "picture of the day," every single day type of post, he does post often enough for us to gather some type of an idea of what he's up to back in Colorado. (Read as: He posts often enough for me to think he's not dating someone new.) Nothing on his Instagram really gives away if Ben is seeing anyone, or if he's dating Kaitlyn still, but he has been a crazy supportive of his Bachelorette friends, especially Shawn and Chris Cupcake, so if he didn't find romance, at least he found bromance.

Ben H. seems like he's living a pretty normal life now that The Bachelorette is done with production. While we won't get a complete update on what he's been up to since filming ended until the "Men Tell All" or "After The Final Rose" episode, depending on how far he goes, his Instagram shows that he is back to work, back to hang out with friends, and back to being cute Ben H. from Colorado, and that's alright with me.

He's Supporting His Bachelor Nation Family

Ben clearly loves his friends from the season, even going as far as showing them the social media love.

Even Hanging Out With Some Of Them

Total throwback here. Ben H. is "fanguying" over running into Trista and Ryan from way back when.

He's Kissing...

A fish. No word on if he's been kissing a S.O.

He's Showing His Dad Some Love

A guy who loves his dad enough to Instagram about him, and a dad who loves his son enough to fly across the country to help him re-roof his house.

He's Started A Flag Football Team

I don't even like football, but I'd consider starting a team if I knew we would go up against Ben's.

So while we don't know if Ben is seeing anyone (maybe Kaitlyn) right now, at least his Instagram gives us a window into his life.

Images: Felicia Graham