Where Does The 'BB17' Twin Stay She's Not Playing?

As much as I love this twist on Big Brother I have one huge question for Julia and Liz. Where are you staying when you're not in the house? On Thursday, Julie Chen revealed with the world already knew: Julia and Liz are the twins on Big Brother 17. The two sisters will be switching places periodically throughout the week in hopes of making it to Week 5, where they will both be able to enter the game and play as their own person. So where do Julia and Liz stay when they're not playing Big Brother ? We were given some details about them switching in the Diary Room, but no details were given about what they do outside of the Big Brother house.

Because Big Brother is all about seclusion, we do know that whatever sister is not playing the game inside of the house at the time is probably in some type of sequestered location. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie Chen was asked if she knew where the twin went when she was not in the house. Here is her response:

No idea where the other twin goes other than in a sequester situation. Good question!

You're right, Julie! It is a good question. That's why I'm asking it. If Julie Chen — the Chenbot, Mama Chen, whatever your preferred Julie name is — doesn't know where the other twin goes when she's not playing the game, then who does? Isn't it weird that no one has even told Julie where the not-in-use twin is being "kept"? While I would like to think that the other twin is living in luxury while awaiting her time to enter the house, I'm not so sure that's actually the case. Because nothing has been confirmed by Big Brother, I can't say that she's not living in a castle and being waited on hand and foot while not playing the game, but chances are she's probably in one of these following situations:

  • The jury house, warming it up for the houseguests in a few weeks.
  • A hotel room, with hopefully a book or at least a deck of cards.
  • A room down the hall from the Diary Room, where she can be switched quickly and easily.

Julia an Liz need to remain as aloof to the outside world as possible while playing this game. That's the whole point of Big Brother. It's very possible that these two are living near by, if not somewhere in the Big Brother compound (since it's a studio, not a house). I'd just like to take a moment and pray for Julia and Liz. I'd like to pray that these two are given something to do to pass the time while they wait their turn in the house. Big Brother can get pretty boring, I get it, but staying in a sequestered location for an unknown amount of days would be torture.

So tell me Big Brother, where are you keeping them? And don't make Julie Chen say "you'll find out after the break," because I want to know now.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy