7 Beautiful Hair Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Fictional Woman, From Daisy To Elizabeth Bennet

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One of my hands-down favorite ways to escape the daily doldrums is safely wrapped in the arms of a fantastical film or literature. But during my daily dose of fictional escapism, one daydream dilemma always reoccurs: How could I emulate the style of my favorite fictional women during my day-to-day life, without looking like a walking, talking fairytale? The answer, my fable-fan friend, is fairy-esque fiction inspired hair accessories.

From simple and subtle to majestical and ornate, headdresses and hairpieces offer a cheap, cheerful way to transform an otherwise nondescript ensemble, without looking too try-hard or feeling the pennies pinch. But don't worry: I understand what a busy bee you may be — which is why I've hand-selected some of the most imagination-sparking headdresses around, so you don't have to. Enjoy!

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