7 Beautiful Hair Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Fictional Woman, From Daisy To Elizabeth Bennet

One of my hands-down favorite ways to escape the daily doldrums is safely wrapped in the arms of a fantastical film or literature. But during my daily dose of fictional escapism, one daydream dilemma always reoccurs: How could I emulate the style of my favorite fictional women during my day-to-day life, without looking like a walking, talking fairytale? The answer, my fable-fan friend, is fairy-esque fiction inspired hair accessories.

From simple and subtle to majestical and ornate, headdresses and hairpieces offer a cheap, cheerful way to transform an otherwise nondescript ensemble, without looking too try-hard or feeling the pennies pinch. But don't worry: I understand what a busy bee you may be — which is why I've hand-selected some of the most imagination-sparking headdresses around, so you don't have to. Enjoy!

by Raffy Marie Parker

'The Beautiful And The Damned's' Gloria

Lovingly crafted from ostrich feathers, Czech crystals, satin ribbons, and a rhinestone brooch, and handmade to order, this fantastically feathered headpiece will help you to feel perfectly at one with 1920s New York’s nouveaux riches during your evening debauchery. Just don’t let your vino vices lead you to relationship doom that rivals Anthony and Gloria’s!

Vintage-Inspired Flapper Headband, $145,

'Pride And Prejudice's' Elizabeth Bennett

Whether you’re planning on ensnaring your own Mr. or Ms. Darcy, or have simply always had “a lively, playful disposition that delighted in anything ridiculous,” this delicately romantic hair adornment of Freshwater pearls strung on gossamer-thin silk thread would add the perfect finishing touch to any and every possible up-do your heart could desire.

Miss Bennett String of Pearl Hair Adornment, $155,

'Alice In Wonderland's' Queen Of Hearts

“Off with her head,” Is what the Queen of Hearts would scream, if she knew just how magnificent you’d look wearing this tasty piece of hair candy. Complete with black gauze netting, velvet red heart and black bow, and glinting gold-colored scissors, you’d be mad as a Hatter to miss out on this masterpiece.

Alice vs The Queen Scissor Fascinator, $37,

'The Lord Of The Rings' Goldberry

I couldn’t write an article on fantastical fiction-inspired headpieces without deigning to mention the light, lustworthy Elvish Crowns of Middle Earth. This ethereal braided Celtic fairy circlet will give you locks to rival any Middle Earth maiden from Galadriel to Goldberry; without the added stress of any inconvenient ring-hunting shenanigans.

Braided Celtic Fairy Circlet, $73,

'Robin Hood And The Prince Of Thieves'' Maid Marian

Many would steal from the rich and give to the poor for the chance of a floral crown to rival legendary outlaw lady, Maid Marian’s. But now, you won’t have to: This gorgeous flower garland of strawberries and white blooms on a braided white headband will give you the effortless style of the courageous character combined with an air of the quintessential British summertime.

Strawberry Meadow Crown Headband, $74,

'A Midsummer Night's Dream's' Titania

There has always seemed to be something quite magical about Midsummer Night… and now you can look as enchantingly ethereal as the queen of the fairies herself, with this feather, flower, and silk ribbon headdress in a sparkling snow-white shade.

White Fabric Flower and Feathered Headdress, $185,

'The Great Gatsby's' Daisy Buchanan

Emulate the enigmatic and mysteriously otherworldly air of Gatsby’s ever-enduring love interest Daisy Buchanan, with this delectably dainty champagne-ribbon, crystal rhinestone, and faux pearl headdress. Whether you’re planning a gathering to rival Gatsby’s, or simply wish to add some sparkle to your everyday attire, this little beauty should be your go-to hair adornment.

Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Great Gatsby Headdress, $55,