You Can Now Wear Your Literary Love In Plus Sizes

by Jodie Layne

When it comes to wearing your heart on your sleeve, there's nothing that's more obvious of a choice for book-lovers than to sport clothing and accessories that reference popular books. Literary-minded clothing company, Out Of Print Clothing, is making it even easier for bookworms to do just that with their new plus size line of book cover t-shirts. What better way to put your personality into your outfit than by broadcasting your literary leanings?

The brand has been printing super-soft tees with slightly distressed, vintage-look designs for the past five years. The shirts, adorned with the covers of beloved classic books, have garnered famous fans like Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, and James Franco. Designs added to the plus size section include Madeline, Where the Wild Things Are, Pride and Prejudice, Le Petit Prince, and a really adorable library card stamp design for everyone who knows that having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card.

Bonus? Sporting these tees also helps others to love books as much as you do: With each product sold by the brand, Out Of Print Clothing will donate a book to the charity Books For Africa. To date, the company has donated over one million books! So go grab yourself a tee, do some good, and give cute and well-read strangers a non-creepy reason to start a conversation with you.

Out Of Print Clothing Plus Size Tees, $30,

Images: Courtesy Out Of Print Clothing