Who Kaitlyn Has Sex With In The Fantasy Suite Actually Isn't Our Business, Even On A Show About Romantic Voyeurism

There seems to a persistent question on everyone's mind this season and that's who Bachelorette Kaitlyn decides to have sex with. By now, we all know that Kaitlyn had sex with Nick, and if you're on my side of the fence, you know that it's not the huge deal everyone makes it out to be. Guess what? When you date a couple of dudes in real life, to figure out who you might like to date long term, you might sleep with one that you like. It doesn't mean that person is your husband. It doesn't mean you won't choose to sleep with someone else. It just means that the person you had sex with is someone you wanted to have sex with. That's it. That is how dating works, everyone. Now, Kaitlyn is heading into off-camera time before hometown visits and everyone is, once again, atwitter about who Kaitlyn has sex with... this time, in the Fantasy Suites.

I'm fully prepared to tell those of you who are very concerned about this to just chill the hell out. Like I said, this is how dating goes. I, for one, could never marry someone without, as Kaitlyn so eloquently put it during Chris Soules' Bachelor season, test driving the car. Sex is a big part of a relationship; if that doesn't work, you might have some trouble keeping the rest of the 'ship afloat. It's pretty important to check this stuff out (all while being safe, of course).

Still, I can almost guarantee that while I ramble on about not getting all caught up in Kaitlyn's sex life — you know, just the one piece of her relationship that should probably be allowed to stay off camera since it is one of the most intimate and complex things two people who love each other (or almost love each other, or love each other enough to make great TV) can experience — the show is probably going to take us a little further into her intimate journeys with the other suitors aside from Nick.

But my hope is that, unlike the scene in which producers recorded all the audio they could get from Nick & Kaitlyn's night, the Fantasy Suites will remain truly closed to the content creators. How is this woman supposed to build a lasting connection (or at least the small sliver of hope of a lasting connection) without at least that much privacy?

At the risk of sounding like Chris Crocker defending Britney Spears, LEAVE KAITLYN ALONE. You'll be curious, but think about how you talk to your friends at brunch: Do you really want to know all the details of your BFF's sex life? Or do you just want enough of a tease to ooh and ahh over while you wait for the waiter to bring over a round of bloody marys?

Maybe apply the same rule to this cool chick who agreed to share her dating life with us, OK?

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC