The Audrey Hepburn Exhibition In London Gets Personal And Reveals The Icon's Extraordinary Life

If you're a fashion lover off to London between now and October 18, make an immediate visit to the National Portrait Gallery. As reported in NYMag, the gallery now features an Audrey Hepburn exhibition giving a never-before-seen view into the star's long, beautiful, challenging life. Fingers crossed the exhibit hits up the United States next.

Entitled "Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon," the exhibition takes viewers on a journey through Hepburn's incredible life story from her struggles in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands into her glamorous Hollywood years and beyond. Terence Pepper, the gallery's senior photographer adviser, could hardly contain his enthusiasm describing the exhibit. He shared, "I’ve done exhibitions on Twiggy, Vivien Leigh, and Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey is more important than any of those ... At the moment, I think she’s the most popular Old Hollywood star — so many young people are so interested in her. It’s the fashion, the haircut — and her self-deprecation."

Pepper is totally right on all fronts. We're still culturally obsessed with Hepburn's diet, enchanting onscreen moments, and little known facts. And who could blame us? She is one of the most iconic beauties of all time, after all.

If you're lucky enough to have an opportunity to check out the exhibit, tickets are available here. Otherwise, a book featuring the photos is available, and in this case, definitely worth the splurge!

Image Credit: Gratefully Bliss, Audrey Hepburn X, a.hepburn/Instagram