Wait, Is Ben H. A Virgin?

by Nicole Pomarico

Since the day he pulled up in that limo during The Bachelorette season premiere, I have been harboring a serious crush on Ben H. The only remaining Ben — I miss you already, Ben Z! — is super cute and the perfect gentleman... possibly too gentlemanly for Kaitlyn, though. On Monday night's episode, Kaitlyn and Ben H. ended up in a super serious conversation during a moment alone together, and he started talking about what he would want to happen during a Fantasy Suite date. Spoiler: It's not what most people think will happen on an overnight date. He told Kaitlyn he just wanted to use the time to talk and get to know her better (solid answer) which led her to ask him a very important question: Is Ben H. a virgin?

Just because a guy wants to chat doesn't mean that he's a virgin, but it's not a stupid question to ask. As Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti pointed out on Twitter during the episode, Kaitlyn's experience in that mansion has shown her plenty of people who are still hanging on to their v-card, so is it really that out there to wonder if Ben might be holding on to his, too?

And since Ben has been pretty upfront all season long, it's no surprise that he had no problem delivering an honest answer. Nope, he's not a virgin, even though his face looks all angelic and he's been so sweet and innocent thus far. In reality, Ben's just the shy, thoughtful type, and he genuinely does just want to get to know Kaitlyn better. In that moment, he scored some serious brownie points with me. After all the whiners we've had to watch all season long, I'm glad that Kaitlyn still has such a sweetheart in the running.

Ben H., I love you. Keep up the good work.

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Image: Felicia Graham/ABC