Will Britt & Brady Move To Keep Their Relationship Alive? So Far They're LDR-ing It & It's Miraculously Still Working

It's been a few weeks since ABC filled us in on what Britt Nilsson and her new beau, Brady Toops, have been up to, which is the worst. I'm obsessed with them, because they're the adorable hipster, indie couple that all of us want to be, and so far, everything has been going well. Last we heard from them, Britt took Brady home to meet her mom, and it went awesome. So what's the latest on these two? Real life is hitting them hard. Britt's from LA, Brady's from Nashville, and those are two cities that are super far apart. But they really care about each other, so Britt and Brady have decided to try a long distance relationship.

As someone who survived a temporary but painful three month LDR with my now fiance early on in our relationship, my heart goes out to them. Being apart from the person you care about really sucks, and it's not going to be easy. But Britt and Brady both seem optimistic about the way their relationship is evolving, and it definitely seems like they're willing to put in the work it takes to bridge the gap.

"We're gonna try the long distance thing," Britt said. "You know, I'm a little nervous but I'm hopeful. I'm really hopeful."

"I think it'll be a new season for our relationship," Brady added. "In some ways it'll be hard but in some ways I think it'll help us grow."

Word, Brady. If they can survive a long distance relationship, they can survive anything!

Even though they're rumored to have already split, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Britt and Brady. They're so precious, and I'm not ready to accept the reality that a breakup could be in their future.

Image: Screengrab/ABC