You're Dating The Wrong Mom, Sheriff!

by Keertana Sastry

Hey Teen Wolf fans, I know what you're thinking: Why on Earth would Sheriff Stilinski go on a date with Lydia's mother on the Teen Wolf Season 5 episode "Dreamcatchers"? There are a lot of heated reactions floating around about the Sheriff Stilinski and Natalie Martin new romance which fans were shocked to discover, and to be honest I actually get the complaints people in many ways. From the very first episode of Teen Wolf, we saw how much Stiles loved Lydia. And from that moment on, many people (including yours truly) has shipped their coupling, calling it "Stydia." But that's not all folks, because there's another beloved 'ship on the horizon: The potential relationship of Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall. I know, right? But if the good Sheriff and Natalie begin dating, what's to become of both of these two hopeful relationships?

Aside from thinking that Jeff Davis is trolling us fans (because he has to be at this point, that evil genius), there are a lot of problems for Stydia is Sheriff Stilinski and Natalie Martin actually, properly get together. One, Stiles and Lydia would be step siblings, which would effectively end any chance of the two characters getting together themselves. Obviously, Stiles is currently dating Malia and Lydia seems to be cozying up to Parrish lately, so maybe Stydia is permanently a thing of the past. But if for any reason there is still a spark there, this would effectively squash that. Then again the same is true if Stiles and Lydia were dating in secret and I ran off with another guy in another man's place.

Clearly a main selling point of this relationship had to be the fact that it romantically paired up the real-life married couple of Linden Ashby and Susan Walters together onscreen. But if that's the only reason behind the sudden interest for each other, color me insanely angry.

But if Natalie is just a pit stop on Sheriff's journey to Melissa, that would make me angry as well. The women on the show shouldn't be used as placeholders for one another. So I'd rather this union be explored further in the coming weeks until finally they end things amicably. As for Stiles and Lydia, I'm a huge fan of Stiles and Malia together as well so I'm not in any rush for Stiles and Lydia to dump their significant others (or potential significant other in Lydia's case) just so fans can get their wish and finally see them together. Whatever happens will happen and it's best to just take the news in stride, even if it does mean the death of two incredible fan-created relationships on Teen Wolf that sadly deserved a chance.

Images: Getty Images; Screenshot/FOX