Kylie Jenner Launching Hair Extensions Just Like Demi Lovato, But Who Has The Better Strands?

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Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato are hair chameleons. Both starlets change their hair like, a lot, switching up colors, lengths, and cuts on what seems like a daily basis. Jenner, who is just 17, is launching Kylie Hair Kouture hair extensions. That's interesting, since just a few weeks ago, I let you know that Lovato is marketing colored hair extensions. Lovato just showed off '90s inspo with her hair via shaved sides and a teal blue hue, similar to the blue hair Kylie Jenner rocked this summer. However, Lovato committed to bright blue in 2013, so it's becoming almost a locks chicken-or-egg argument right there.

Both girls are August-born Leos and children of the '90s with very unique styles. While Jenner has gone goth, Lovato, 22, has been pumping '90s grunge gear.

But since they are going, well, head-to-head in the hair accessory and hair fashion market, this begs a very important question: Who has better hair?

Let's have an old fashioned Jenner vs. Lovato hair off, shall we?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Demi Lovato/Instagram

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