Are You & Tom Hiddleston Meant to Be?

If you have seen any of the Thor or Avengers films, then you already know of the greatness that is Marvel actor Tom Hiddleston. And, if not, I am sure you have heard of him, because, hello, he is everywhere. Among the Marvel fandom, and everywhere else for that matter, people go crazy for the man beneath the helmet. And who can really blame them? Not only does he perfect the character Loki and all of his villainous glory, but also, in real life, Hiddleston just oozes cuteness.

Yes, we all have celebrity crushes, that is a given, but there is just something different about Hiddleston's fandom. Sure, he is British, and, sure, he knows how to rock a tailored suit, but it is more than that. He has a certain charm about him that you don't see everyday. From the screen to his Comic-Con appearances, people go crazy just to be in his presence.

If you constantly find yourself fangirling over his piercing stare and baby blue eyes (along with the thousands of other people in the world), rest assured — we have a surefire way of deciding whether you and Mr. Hiddleston are truly compatible. Here are reasons you and Hiddleston were meant for each other. Good luck, Hiddlestoners of the world.

1. You’re an Activist

If you are a humanitarian who likes to give back, Hiddleston is the perfect match for you. In 2013, he went to Guinea to help raise awareness about hunger and malnutrition. He is also a big supporter of the group UNICEF. Imagine the work you could accomplish together.

2. You Are a Die-Hard Avengers Fan

Even though his favorite superhero is technically from a DC Comic (it's Superman by the way), Hiddleston loves to have fun with his character, whether that's appearing as Loki in a kid's commercial or at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego. You two would definitely have the best Halloween costumes in town.

3. You Enjoy Intellectual Conversations

If you like a man that is well-educated, look no further than Mr. Hiddleston himself. Not only can he speak five different languages, but he also went to the same prep school as Prince William and Eddie Redmayne — and he went to the University of Cambridge. Just imagine having a cup of tea with him to discuss politics and social issues.

4. You Think Celeb Impersonations Are Hilarious

Sure, he may be intellectual, but that doesn't mean Hiddleston isn't funny too. If you love a good impersonation every now and then, this is your guy. He does a great Owen Wilson and Chris Evans. Oh, the laughs the two of you will have together.

5. You’re a Shakespeare Buff

OK, so maybe you don't have to be an expert on all things Shakespeare, but you should at least have an adoration for it. Having done multiple stage acting stints, Hiddleston has a vast knowledge of the famous poet's plays, from Othello to Coriolanus. You two could totally plan a date night for Shakespeare in the Park.

6. You’re a Feminist

Aside from being an activist, Hiddleston is also a strong advocate for social justice. That's right, Hiddleston is a self-proclaimed feminist. He was also a big supporter of the He for She campaign. Seriously, could he be any more awesome?

7. You’re Not Intimidated By Bromances

Yes, we're talking about the epic bromance between Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth. If you aren't intimidated by these on-screen brothers' friendship, then you and Hiddleston are a match made in heaven. And hey, who doesn't want to be friends with Hemsworth? The more the merrier.

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