11 Times Hiddles Nearly Killed Us With Cuteness

I know we all think Tom Hiddleston is the most beautiful, wonderful man on Earth, and we're not necessarily wrong, but dude is living a reckless lifestyle, and I don't mind being the one to say it. Before you panic, you should know that I'm not referring to Hiddleston picking up a new hobby of taking bath salts or dog-fighting or hunting humans for sport. That's for other people. But just because he isn't picking us off one by one in a Hunger Games scenario doesn't mean our lives aren't in jeopardy, because they are... from Hiddleston's sheer adorable-ness.

Just looking and acting the way he does, Hiddleston is putting us at risk of dropping dead at this charm, but adding a smile or a wink on to that? Why it's downright irresponsible. I know he doesn't mean to, and he's just living his life, but after a certain point, that isn't an excuse anymore. What is it going to take to shake some sense into this guy? How many people have to tweet "I'M DED" in response to a particularly cheeky GIF, or get their hearts literally melted by a video of him rescuing a cat from a tree before he stops playing with peoples' lives? Here are 11 times he nearly killed us with adorability. (Is that a word? I don’t know. Do you see what you do to me, Tom?)

1. When He Did That Kid's Commercial

Of course he's good with kids. Of course he is.

2. When He Showed Off His Celebrity Impressions

Just a helpful reminder that there's nothing this guy can't do.

3. When He Sang A Christmas Carol With A Dog On His Lap

I mean, come on.

4. When He Was In Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding

Normally it's considered bad form to outshine the groom on his wedding day, but I couldn't object, because I was dead.

5. Anytime He Danced Ever

Fetch me my smelling salts.

6. When He Made Friends With Cookie Monster

Look. How. Excited. He. Is. To. Be. There.

7. When He Made Us All Swoon Describing How To Treat A Lady

Oh cool, all my limbs just stopped working because I'm so paralyzed with lust.

8. Literally Anytime He Smiles

Please, have mercy.

9. When He Supported Emma Watson And #HeForShe

And a feminist, too? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME.

10. When He Sang Karaoke In The Front Seat Of A Car

And I'm just supposed to go about my day now?

11. When He Does... Basically Anything At All

Tom Hiddleston, you monster.

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