How To Train With 'Dance Moms' Coach Abby Lee

If you’re a dancer who is a glutton for punishment, or you want your child to be a television dancing sensation, then Abby Lee Miller is the woman for you to turn to. Although Abby doesn’t do much dancing of her own on Dance Moms, you can take dance lessons with Abby Lee Millerwelllll, kind of. Taking a dance class at the studio that the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) comes from, Reign Dance Productions, or even auditioning for the ALDC isn't actually that difficult to achieve. But, taking a dance class that is taught by the elusive Abby Lee is a different story.

Now that the teacher has moved to Los Angeles, you most likely won't be seeing much of Abby Lee if you were to take classes at Reign Dance Productions when Dance Moms is filming, since the studio is still located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, according to the dance company's website, you can audition for the Abby Lee Dance Company — either from August 14 to the 17, or from August 21 to the 23 — as part of a dance "Bootie Camp." But, if you’re past the age of adolescence, those options are probably not the best for you. So, if you don't want to audition for the dance company, does that mean that you'll never have a chance to actually take a class with Abby Lee?

Considering that lately Dance Moms barely shows Abby Lee teaching the girls herself it seems like it would be hard to take a class with her. I'm always fascinated that Dance Moms doesn't show the actual teaching of routines to the girls, but when something is shown, it's usually Abby Lee's assistant Gia teaching the girls hands-on. Abby is more known for sitting in the corner and critiquing from her chair and less about being in the front of the classroom.

But, Abby is a certified dance teacher through the Dance Masters of America, and she has been known to teach master dance classes. For example, back in March 2014, she taught a class in Providence, Rhode Island with Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, and Kendall as her assistants. Abby Lee is active on Twitter and Instagram, so if you follow her on those platforms, you can keep up-to-date with her appearances. Recently, she has been promoting meet and greets with her, but no actual dance classes.

While the actuality of taking a legitimate dance class with Abby Lee is a bit slim, it's not out of the realm of possibility. And if Abby Lee has taught us Dance Moms fans anything, it's not to give up — as long as you got that star quality.

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