9 Amazing Barbie-Inspired Manicure Ideas

The fashion world has gone into a Barbie haze, full of accessories inspired by Barbie's own accessories, tongue-in-cheek casual wear, and even high-end garments that play with the Barbie logo. So what better time could there be to flaunt Barbie-inspired nails? I'll tell you: no better time!

I have jumped in the Barbie convertible, too. I am currently lusting after the eccentric phone accessories from Moschino's spring 2015 collection, which are inspired by Barbie's vanity mirror and her Dream Phone. I am also in love with the entire Barbie Dreamhouse collection by Wildfox, in particular the "Not Too Old Baggy Beach Jumper" which features the phrase "We still play with Barbie," and the "Smart Blonde" jumper and tee.

I'm falling head over heels for anything pink at the moment, as I feel it's a fabulously feminine, summery shade. The autumn/winter runways of London Fashion Week have shown us that pink will be a fashion favorite for fall, too (score).

Who better to lead us into la vie en rose of fall than the one and only pink pantheress Barbie? Here's some plastic fantastic Barbie nail inspiration to get the pink revolution well on its way.

1. The Classic Barbie Pink Nails

When I imagine Barbie, I envision her dressed head to toe in a bubblegum pink shade, which has a hint of lilac in it, like the color of these fabulous nails. The added hint of sparkle on the ring finger nails adds a glamorous Barbie vibe.

2. The Diamante Hot Pink Nails

IMO, this hot pink shade is the epitome of '90s Barbie. The diamante nail art adds a dazzling edge to these nails, giving the overall look a super sassy feel.

3. The Ombré Stiletto Style

Stiletto nails are still going strong, and this ombré design makes the most of the sharp point. Barbie is almost always seen in heels, so a stiletto-shaped nail would be right up her street.

4. The Candy Pink Nails

The talented nail artist behind this design has used nail art caviar beads to their full effect, giving the wearer candy-colored tips and ring finger nails. The finished product looks good enough to eat.

5. The Nude Nails With Barbie Details

This design features a nude background which hosts a glitter pattern over the top, which is completed with rhinestones. This clever effect was created with stencils, and gives a subtle Barbie vibe to everyday nails.

6. The Grown-Up Barbie Nails

Add a mature feel to a Barbie manicure by using a darker polish in a scarlet shade. Finish off with Barbie silhouettes, such as her logo, her head, or her shoe, as seen above.

7. The Neon Nails

Does this neon nail color remind anyone else of Barbie's little plastic shoes? This particular shade evokes nostalgic feelings for me, as I remember rummaging through all of Barbie's loose neon and pastel shoes that I had collected, in a vain effort to find a matching pair.

8. The Simply Elegant Manicure

This design is possibly my personal favorite of the roundup. I love the soft, pale pink of the majority of the manicure, which is juxtaposed against the mega bling design on the ring finger nail. My face looks like the heart–eyed emoji right now.

9. The Gloriously OTT Nails

I think this design would be Barbie's favorite. It encompasses everything she loves: lipstick, bows, jewelry, herself, and, of course, pink. These nails are a work of art, with Barbie being the muse.

Images: maiction0221984/Instagram; Giphy