What Does Travis Garland's Music Sound Like?

It has been quite some time since I have even heard or thought of Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane fame. The band was one of my guiltiest pleasures, and it looks recently she teamed up with fellow ex-band member Shannon Bex to start a new band, Dumblonde. Aside from her new music venture, O'Day was back making headlines when she was announced to be on the newest season of Marriage Boot Camp, which she would join with her boyfriend, Travis Garland. I didn't know much about musician Travis Garland when I first heard of him, but he is a seriously good singer, just like O'Day herself.

Based on some social media clues and hints, it seems like Boot Camp did not work in favor of the couple, especially after O'Day posted a very straight-forward photo in June with the caption, "single now." WELP.

Although this relationship might not have worked out, it seems like Garland's natural talent is ready to take center stage once more. So, what does Travis Garland's music sound like? He's been in a boy band, performed on American Idol, and posted some pretty impressive YouTube covers, so let's check out some of his best vocals since I have a feeling we might be seeing a little more of him soon.

Lead Singer Of A Boy Band

After 2005, I kind of stopped following new boy bands (that is, until One Direction came along), so I never heard of NLT. Garland was a member of NLT with Glee star Kevin McHale, and they made R&B fused pop that worked really well with his sultry vocals. The group disbanded in 2010 when they decided to go off on their solo projects.

Performing On American Idol

In 2010, a relatively unknown (and post-NLT) Travis Garland performed his solo single "Believe" on the Idol stage and left people asking many questions. He had apparently caught the ear of Perez Hilton who convinced producers to give him a chance. These are not bad friends to have.

Original Song, "Motel Pool"

Judging by his YouTube channel, it seems like this song was the last original song he released, back in December 2013. The song is giving me The Weeknd/Miguel vibes, and I honestly really like it.

Original Song, "Let Me Show You"

"Motel Pool" was on his first self-titled album which was released on iTunes in September 2013 and this is one of my favorite songs from the album after giving it a quick listen. I could totally hear this on the radio today so it might be time for a little re-release, eh, Travis?

Rihanna & Miguel Mash-Up Cover

I feel like I should have known about this guy a long time ago because this is realllly good.

The Weeknd "Earned It" Cover

Yep, this is exactly the kind of music he needs to keep singing.

New Album Coming Soon?

Late in May, Garland tweeted that he was planning shows for the fall and that his new music was coming together, along with hints of late night recording sessions. Something is happening, y'all! He recently posted this Instagram video of himself rehearsing a new track, and it seems like he is going to continue on that Frank Ocean/Miguel vibe that he does oh so well.

With the resurgence of R&B tinged pop, I think Travis Garland and his incredible voice will fit in just fine.

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