Christina Aguilera Lyrics That Capture BFF Love

by James Tison

There's nothing like spending time with a best friend. When the rest of the world is still trying to figure you out, your bestie is that one person who already knows how awesome you are, and who makes you more awesome in the process. What better way to honor that person — other than matching face tattoos — than with all the Christina Aguilera lyrics that perfectly describe your BFF? After all, no one knows more about relationships than Xtina.

None of us would be anywhere without the love, validation, and guidance of our best friends. It's like the two of you were born solely to make each others' lives better. Who builds you up when your boss treats you like the dumbest person in the world? Who buys you round after round when you're out of money? Who reminds you that you're not a terrible person after you act like a drunken fool at your boyfriend's Fourth of July BBQ?

If it wasn't for my best friend, I'd be living in an alley selling garbage on the street and talking to cats all day. So, to all the besties in the world, I'm here to say hey, sister — soul sister — you're the best (literally, it's in your title). Now here's a bunch of Xtina lyrics that perfectly define every BFF relationship.

"I'm a genie in a bottle baby / You gotta rub me the right way..." - "Genie in a Bottle"

Okay, okay... ignore the sexual undertones of the lyrics for just a second. Instead, think of yourself as being a crusty old oil bottle with a magical genie of awesomeness inside, and your best friend is the person who rubs it the right way. #extendedmetaphors

"You are beautiful no matter what they say / Words can't bring you down....oh no..." - "Beautiful"

Who tried to bring my BFF down? Where are they? TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW.

"Young girl, don't cry / I'll be right here when your world starts to fall / Young girl, it's all right / Your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly..." - "The Voice Within"

I'm not crying, I'm just leaking... out of my eyes... because I'm having an emotional breakdown... Hold me, bestie.

"So thank you for standing right by me (I will always love you) / So thank you for being behind me (You are just so amazing) / And watching me grow and letting others know / That you still believe in what I'll be..." - "Thank You (Dedication to Fans)"

Let's face it — it can be borderline creepy how much you love your bestie. It's just that they believe in you so much! And you, them! It's beautiful! (I'm leaking again...)

"My girls stay close when they see trouble around / They got jewels on their fingers, it's about to go down / We got no time for haters you know, we just came to party..." - "My Girls"

Damn straight — you mess with my best friend, you mess with me (and vice versa). Why do you think we wear all these rings? It's a stylish brass knuckle, baby.

"Look at the stars, I will take one down for you / No matter what the distance, I’ll see it through / I’ll fill you in between the sun and moon..." - "Little Dreamer"

The best thing about about a bestie isn't that they'll go the distance for you, but that you'll both go the distance for each other.

"Better be ready for your photo op / Step in the light for your perfect close up / Be superficial, it's your one shot / Unleash the diva deep inside..." - "Glam"

Have you ever seen two people dressed to the nines, painting the town various shades of red, totally oblivious to what the rest of the world thinks of them? Yeah, those are besties. They don't need your validation or your judgment because they've got each other. And they've got a Christina Aguilera soundtrack to remind themselves of that fact.