7 Ways You're Using Sunscreen Incorrectly

by Emily McClure

Everyone knows that sunscreen is incredibly key for a healthy day at the beach. However, did you know that there are ways that you could be using your sunscreen wrong? There are many facets to sunscreen that we may not always realize. This protective lotion may help us during the scorching summer heat, but it can also protect us during the dead of winter. Sunscreen is one-size-fits-all, and needs to be a staple in your beauty routine. Age spots, discoloration, and hyper-pigmentation can all be reduced or prevented with the use of sunscreen. Talk about a product that packs a punch.

Sunscreen contains loads of ingredients that keep our skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It's important to slather on a light layer before leaving the house. This way, you keep your skin safe and looking great. This simple step is not only great for preventing immediate sunburns, but it can also help down the line. Applying sunscreen daily can help prevent drastic sings of aging. It's like a magic wand in a bottle. There is no excuse not to use it. Keep yourself safe from harmful sun rays by making sure to apply the product properly. Here are a few ways that you could be misusing your sunscreen.

1. You apply it once, and then forget about it


According to leading dermatologists, sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day in order to be effective. Every few hours, you should reapply a thin layer in order to achieve any desired effects.

2. You're using expired sunscreen

Have you been using the same old bottle of sunscreen for the past few years? This could be causing you to burn more in the sunlight. The ingredients in sunscreen can diminish over time, so make sure to repurchase a bottle every few months.

3. You only apply sunscreen during the summer

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The sun is shining all year round. Make sure to apply a thin layer everyday in order to avoid any accidental burns or age marks.

4. You buy only SPF 70 or above


You don't need a high SPF to fight off sunburn. According to The Huffington Post, SPF 30 will cover you just as well as SPF 60. Apparently, SPF 30 blocks out around 96 percent of burning rays, while higher SPFs may block around 98 percent. Basically, you don't need to shell out more money for a higher SPF.

5. You don't reapply after swimming

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Rookie mistake. Always reapply sunscreen after any sort of exercise or encounter with water. This way, you will make sure to reinforce your protection against the sun.

6. Missing spots

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Trying to get sunscreen across your own back is the worst. Always have a helpful friend near by to help apply where it's needed. No spot is to hidden to get burned.

7. Forgetting your face

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Your face has very delicate skin cells. Show them love by applying sunscreen every day. There is no reason to let your face burn in the 21st Century.

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