Janet Jackson's "No Sleeep" Lyric Video Is So Sexy

Upon watching the newly-released lyric video for "No Sleeep" by Janet Jackson, I felt a little bit of relief at finally being able to sing along to all of the words with assured accuracy. Seriously, did anyone else realize she was singing, "When I get to be together with you / It's fait accompli / We ain't gonna get no sleep?" Um, I totally thought she sang, "When I get to be together with you / 'Cause we are complete ..." All I have to say is thank goodness for Jackson releasing this lyric video, because my original comprehension of the words was just a one-woman karaoke-in-the-shower disaster waiting to happen. Also, it has my imagination running wild about what to expect from the official "No Sleeep" video.

Much unlike some of the other visual lyric guides of its kind, the "No Sleeep" video is much more ambitious than a bunch of words scrolling on a screen. Instead, it actually manages to capture the sultry feel of the song. From the opening shot of a blurred lit candle to a close-up of the word "plush" written on a sheet of paper, it's bound to put anyone in full-on seductress mode. Between scenes of the studio equipment, the lyric sheets weave their way in and out of the scene. If that took you from zero to sexy in no time flat, then prepare for the sexy-o-meter to break, because Jackson makes several appearances in the video — totally jamming in the background.

Now, just because my vision of the "No Sleeep" video was interrupted by feverish self-fanning doesn't mean it's not clear-cut. For starters, I'm getting a vision of her lying in a bed beneath soft light as she tosses and turns in some high-thread-count silk sheets. As she softly croons about lovers' angst, a man's hand will caress her softly, and then vanish in one of those mirage moments. Also, I'm going to declare that this song isn't too slow for the video to feature a simple dance number, because who isn't ready for some new Jackson choreography?

On the other hand, it has been seven years since we've heard new music from Jackson, so something tells me this video will be all about her, which is always more than enough. Watch the "No Sleeep" lyric video below.

Image: Giphy