Hiddles Has Supposedly Dated A LOT Of His Friends

Tom Hiddleston became a household name and the object of many fans' desires the world over when he was chosen to enter the Marvel universe as Loki in Thor, and since then, he's fame has definitely grown. I know that his bromances with his male co-stars have been highly documented, especially his relationship with his BFF Benedict Cumberbatch, but his throngs of fans are perhaps even more interested in the actor's love life. While he doesn't speak about his romantic endeavors much himself, Tom Hiddleston has been rumored to date quite a variety of fellow celebrities, from co-stars to friends to, yes, Benedict Cumberbatch himself.

The actor is notoriously quiet when it comes to discussing his dating life, and he hasn't really been publicly linked to any ladies for a few years, preferring to focus on his career, which has obviously skyrocketed. Two years ago, Hiddleston acknowledged his personal life in GQ , saying, "I understand the curiosity... One day I hope when there's really something to write home about, then I'll be able to talk."

Until we find out who he really has his eye on, here are some of the most unexpected Tom Hiddleston dating rumors I have come across.

Benedict Cumberbatch

When you have two really adorable BFFs involved in an epic bromance, it's only a matter of time before people start to get weird about it and fantasize about some forbidden romance. Sure, they're close and all, but I am pretty certain that these two have nothing but brotherly love for each other.

Elizabeth Olsen

This one I actually really like. Olsen and Hiddleston were linked after playing husband and wife in I Saw The Light, a film about Hank Williams. Then, they co-starred again in Avengers and more rumors came out. I can definitely see why Loki would be irresistible. There haven't been any further photos and/or stories about these two being together, so maybe they hooked up, maybe they didn't. There's also a new rumor that Olsen is actually dating Chris Evans and using Hiddleston to cover up that relationship. What is the truth!?

Jessica Chastain

Chastain and Hiddleston were linked when they filmed Crimson Peak together in 2013. And while they would make a super attractive couple, the rumor was debunked fairly quickly and they remained friends, with Hiddleston famously attending her epic karaoke birthday party.

Robert Downey Jr.

Remember this interview Hiddleston and RDJ did together? It lead some people to ponder whether Downey and Hiddleston were a couple based on their chemistry.

Emma Watson

Maybe this one isn't so unexpected because they're both British and talented and beautiful, but it seems like, in reality, Watson and Hiddleston are just friends and have a lot of mutual respect for each other. He supported her #HeForShe campaig and made women sigh in droves after he called her, "impeccable and extraordinary." I still hold out hope for these two.

OK, Tom. When there's "really something to write home about," we'll be here listening.

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