Gina Redefines "Sexiness" In An Inspiring Way

Who else can't wait for Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez's book to come out? Seriously, the actress continues to influence fans on a daily basis with her inspiring ways, amazing advice, and breaking the mold. For real, I need all of her words of wisdom in the palm of my hand. Adding to her collection of amazing quotes, in an interview with the The Wrap released on Tuesday, Gina Rodriguez explained her take on "sexiness." Before you ask: Yes, she did so in an impressive and respectful way. Duh.

After being asked if there's "been pressure to package [herself] in certain ways or change things about [herself]" now that she's a "rising star," the 30-year-old answered,

I feel very lucky that my journey happened the way that it did. I was able to accept my uniqueness and take it as something that was mine and that was powerful and that was strong in order to navigate through this industry, which can be very scary. So I know what my sexiness is and that looks different than maybe what we’re used to. My sexiness lies in my strength and my power and my ability to see the beauty that I have, not that I’m so close to having or that I would have if I just lost this much weight, not the idea of it, but of me, right now, today.

And there you have it: further proof Rodriguez is empowering and "sexiness" should have nothing to do with looks, but rather with inner beauty, confidence, respect, and love, especially for yourself. The Golden-Globe-winning actress is a great role model for women of all ages and is redefining beauty in a unique and powerful way.

Images: Giphy