Gina Rodriguez Inspires On Twitter

If you're ever having a bad day, are down in the dumps, and looking for someone to life your spirits, Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez should be your go-to motivational speaker. For real, when the Golden Globe-winning actress (and hopefully soon-to-be Emmy winner) isn't busy starring on her critically-acclaimed CW telenovela that's taking the world by storm, the 30-year-old is on Twitter handing out inspiring quotes and advice. She's a real-life superhero who is making this world a better place.

Rodriguez is one of the most positive and uplifting individuals I have ever followed on Twitter. She can turn your bad day around in a heartbeat, which is like a super power (see? she really is a superhero). Just like the actress does weekly on Jane the Virgin as Jane Villanueva, Rodriguez can't help but take life by the horns, push herself, and live life to the fullest. On Twitter, she encourages all of her fans and followers to do the same. Basically, she needs her own talk show. Who's with me?

With that said, let's take a moment to bask in the amazingness that is Gina Rodriguez by looking at just a few of the many inspiring tweets she's shared. Trust me, your day will only improve after reading her wisdom.

1. When She Encouraged Unity

Amen, Gina. Amen.

2. When She Talked About Blessings

Words never sounded so beautiful.

3. When She Said To Be Your Own Hero

That's the best kind of hero.

4. When She Was A Real-Life Superhero

When is she not a superhero? Get it, Gina.

5. When She Gave Great Advice

This too shall pass.

6. When She Said To Ignore Opinions

Everyone has a purpose. Be you.

7. When She Told Us All To Live In The Moment

Life is way too short, so live in the moment and make all those moments amazing.

8. When She Said All You Need Is Love

Love wins.

9. When She Talked Life

Make your life a great one.

10. When She Said It's OK To Fail

Failure happens, but so does success.

11. When She Talked Being Fearless

Ignore those fears and be fearless.

12. When She Said Never Hold Back

Push yourself.

Anyone else feeling inspired? Thank you, Gina, for your motivation, encouragement, and the beauty you bring to this world.