You Can Afford Taylor Swift's July 4th Suit

One celeb showed us all what Independence Day is really all about: Having fun and looking good at the same time. Taylor Swift's Fourth of July swimsuit is by ASOS, and therefore super affordable. From grilling out to flawless style, T. Swift had it going on this holiday weekend, and because her suit is so affordable, you can be sure to snag the exact same one. It may not be the Fourth of July anymore, but that suit will never go out of style.

Her seersucker high-waisted bikini is all of the things I love about Swift’s style, meaning it’s super feminine and fun! And at only $21.75 for the top and $19.50 for the bottoms, this really is all you could ever ask for in a swimsuit.

But I’m afraid that since, you know, Taylor Swift wore this suit and all, it might sell out faster than you or I could break out our credit cards. If it does, don't worry! There are very similar shapes and styles out there that will help you nail Tay’s look (even if it isn’t an exact replica).

You can’t go wrong with any of these gingham suits, because they’re absolutely adorable and perfect for some fun in the sun. You may not be partying with Calvin Harris, but you can at least look the part, right?

See her suit here:

Too cute!

Ugh, I love it so much!

Shop some similar looks:

Gingham Bikini Top, $15.90; Gingham Bikini Bottoms, $10.90; Forever 21

Picnic Swimsuit Top, $34.99; Picnic Swimsuit Bottoms, $19.99; Modcloth

Beach Cruising Beauty Top, $24.99; Beach Cruising Beauty Bottom, $19.99

Images: Courtesy Brands