Hugo Boss Will Go Fur Free In 2016

It's a good day to be a bunny. Starting fall 2016, Hugo Boss will stop using fur in its collections, according to WWD. The decision comes after a long year of negotiations with The Humane Society of the United States and The Fur Free Alliance. Go, Hugo!

Hugo Boss's decision goes public amidst a freshly reheated debate over fur in fashion. After Fendi announced a fur- only show in Paris this week, designers and activists are all swarming the topic.

Explaining the choice, Hugo Boss creative directer of sportswear Bernd Keller shared, "[Hugo Boss has] decided to adopt a different route and we are therefore giving our sustainable corporate strategy — in this case, animal protection — precedence over the ‘fast’ and ‘simple’ route to success. We are delighted to embrace innovative challenges in relation to the planning and design of a collection.” Yay for taking steps for sustainability in all aspects of fashion!

Joh Vinding, FFA chairman, is hopeful the company's decision will motivate other brands to follow in its footsteps (I'm looking at you, Fendi). He said, “Hugo Boss has become a leader in the fashion world by taking a stand against animal cruelty and ending the use of fur in collections. The Fur Free Alliance hopes other luxury brands will follow Hugo Boss’s lead, especially since there are now so many cruelty-free alternatives that are fashionable and indistinguishable from the real thing.”

I'm totally with Vinding on this one. Because when you have shoe options like this:

Sexy vests like this:

And warm, beautiful jackets like this:

Why would you even want bunny fur?

Image Credit: NicoraJohns, TheRockShopLA, Style Assembly/Instagram