9 T. Swift Inspired Onesies To Sport This Summer

In completely unsurprising, yet still being-obsessed-over news, Taylor Swift wore a patriotic onesie and had a totally rad Fourth of July weekend, chock full of themed outfits, poolside activities, flag desserts, and #squadgoals that Instagram dreams are made of. As the weekend began, she started the party off right by rocking a starred and striped onesie with fellow “Bad Blood” villain and bestie Gigi Hadid, leaving us to wonder where we can find the best adult onesies to sport all summer long, Swift-inspired of course. I mean, if an American flag one piece is a thing that exists, what other types of patterns can we jump into and zip up? The possibilities seem endless.

Let’s just take a moment to run down all of the reasons we should be wearing onesies all summer: 1. They are super roomy and perfect for all holidays (and summer weekends in general, not judging) that are celebrated with continuous eating. 2. The silhouette and fabrics easily meet all of the requirements of a quintessential, lazy summer Sunday uniform (aka they are basically a fully body snuggie/sleeping bag with arms and legs). 3. Onesies are one piece, which means you are zipped up, hands free, and ready to party. 4. We have reached a whole new level of BFF matching opportunities. I don’t know that it gets any better than that.

Now, let us consider all of the other types of onesies that our spirit animal Taylor Swift might own. Obviously, there must be a cat onesie that pays homage to Meredith and Olivia, right? There should also possibly be a warm weather friendly version in the arsenal, since it is highly unlikely that anyone is into the idea of a long-sleeve, long pant, zip up suit when it is 90 degrees in the concrete jungle. And what about a vacation onesie for all those long weekend trips with her girls?

So many onesies, so little time. Prepare to be all about that one piece life this summer with these nine onesies inspired by our girl Taylor Swift.

1. Seasonal Fairisle Onesie

DEB Junior Plus Size Onesie With Fair Isle Print, $30,

The Fourth of July wasn't the only time T. Swift was spotted in a onesie — she has also been known to don matching holiday one pieces with her brother, Austin. Clearly, updating her traditionally holiday colored tartans for a fairisle in a summer time color palette means Christmas in July, onesie style.

2. Little Black Onesie

Original Onesie Black Zip, $99,

Who needs a little black dress when you have a little black onesie? Could this new silhouette replace her ever-popular high waisted shorts? Is it the new crop top? Only time will tell, but black is definitely a good staple color.

3. Hawaiian Holiday Onesie

Tropical Jumpsuit Sunset Red, $107,

Is it possible that Taylor Swift wore this onesie on her Hawaiian holiday with the Haim sisters and we just overlooked it? If not, this was a totally missed opportunity that we can all learn from. Upon realization of this mistake, it's unlikely Swift will travel to another tropical destination without acquiring this palm tree coverall, so naturally we should work one into our summer fun wardrobes as well.

4. Literal Cat Lady Onesie

Black Cat Kigurumi Onesie, $69,

Duh. Obviously, the most Swift-y onesie of all time is the cat onesie. We can all be one with Meredith and Olivia, going from figurative to literal cat lady.

5. Haters Gonna Hate Unicorn Onesie

Blue Unicorn Kigurumi Onesie, $69,

While we are on the subject of over the top onesies, a magical blue unicorn is the only one piece as perfect for Swift — and those of use who feel she is our spirit animal — as the cat lady coverall. She has already dressed as an all white pegacorn — which is totally in the unicorn family — for Halloween and epically donned the mythical creature on a tee with the tagline "Haters Gonna Hate" at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Vis-à-vis, this is just the next logical step in regards to fantastical horned horse apparel.

6. LA Love Onesie

LA College Onesie Navy, $72,

Swift may be living it up in New York (it's been waiting for her), but she can wear her love for her L.A. besties on her sleeve while they are apart with a collegiate style onesie. From East Coast to West Coast, we can all jump into the athleisure trend while repping the city of angels.

7. #SquadGoals Onesie

Monogrammed Fleece Lounger, $35,

Monogrammed onesies? Are you kidding me? I would be shocked if Taylor Swift wasn't already in the process of ordering these for her squad. Pretty sure this is the official Sunday-style uniform of the "Bad Blood" girl gang.

8. Warm Weather Onesie

Third Eye Hamptons Breeze Onesie, $135,

Maybe Swift is really all about that onesie life — if anyone could take a onesie to the street, it would be her. If our girl makes the one piece a daily trend, we are going to need an option that is a little more more multi-activity friendly and a little less fabric — it is summer after all. In the spirit of sweaty summer temps, I think we can agree on spaghetti strapped onesies.

9. Summer Striped Onesie

Simply Yours Cotton Stripe Onesie, $37,

Everyone knows Ms. Swift loves a good stripe, so naturally, this pattern would make its way into a summer onesie wardrobe. Also, one can never have too many sleeveless options in the mix for warmer temps.

Comfort is queen this summer when we take a page out of Swift's Fourth of July book. Hop on in, zip it on up, and rock that onesie.

Images: Getty Images; GigiHadid/Instagram; Courtesy Brands