Is The Murderer A Brandon James Copy Cat?

Who can resist a murder selfie? That's the question of the night and it's looking more and more like MTV's Scream serial killer Brandon James is back in town, dropping bodies like its the 1990's. After the dramatic double murder of the first episode, "Hello, Emma" keeps the death toll climbing, starting with the seriously tragic murder of Audrey's girlfriend (well, sort of) Rachel. Even though she was only around for a hot second it was still jarring to see her killed, and have the death stick. The classic horror trope is still firmly in place with James' body disappearing off the pier, never to be found (shades of I Know What You Did Last Summer, anyone?) and causing the freaked out students, faculty and town in general to wonder if James was alive and well. It's certainly possible, but I think it's more likely that there is a James copy-cat killer on the loose.

The murder is clearly connected to James, the all of the deaths tie back to "Daisy" somehow. Daisy who happens to be Emma's mother (now known as Maggie Duvall). Emma, the teen girl he is terrorizing. Sure, the killer said it started with her mother but I think that if this were the one in the same serial killer he would actually go for Maggie Duvall — not her daughter — and the people close to her. Coworkers, friends, relatives, instead of people connected to Emma. It's much more likely whoever is doing all of this has a high school ax to grind, and wants to hide behind the James mask, both literally and metaphorically.

Not to mention, James was technically a mass murderer, not a serial killer. He offed everyone is one brutal night (as Noah so helpfully pointed out in one of his creepy murder-monologues) and this killer is obsessed with playing a game of cat and mouse, spreading the death around. Yep. We've got ourselves a copycat on our hands for sure and right now everyone looks equally guilty to me. Well, pretty much anyone but Noah (not him, never him!). It's not really clear how long it will take for people to realize that there's a bad imitation, but his murder-mask-selfie should help expedite things nicely.

Images: MTV, mtvscream/Tumblr