Here's How To Hear Those 'Minions' Songs

Here's the thing about minions, those blabbermouth little creatures from Despicable Me: even when you try with all your might to resist them, you're bound to end up falling in love. They're just so entertaining, whether they're helping Gru enact world domination or simply flirting hard with fire hydrants. But did you know they're also talented? In the just-released spinoff Minions, those little guys not only act, but sing — and they're good (well, as good as you can be when most of the lyrics are jumbled and you're taking on legendary classics). Anyone who's seen the movie is probably itching to buy the Minions soundtrack, now, because those performances of songs like "Revolution" and "Make 'Em Laugh" are simply begging to be listened to over and over again.

Well on July 10, fans will be able to do just that. Universal is releasing the Minions soundtrack on the same day as the movie's U.S. release, which is great news for those hoping to load up some Minion-ized tunes the minute they leave the theater. The soundtrack is currently available to pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, and assuming the movie follows the same pattern as the two Despicable Me films, it should also arrive to stream on Spotify in the not-too-distant future. Pretty soon, you'll be able to listen to every Minion song you could want as many times as you want. Just make sure you have your headphones, please — not all of us need to hear the Minions harmonizing on "Hair" at eight in the morning, okay?

It's not just Minion songs you'll get when you buy the soundtrack, though; the disk also includes classics from bands like The Who and The Kinks, making it a high-quality addition to your iTunes library. There's also the movie's original tracks, composed by Heitor Pereira, the composer responsible for creating the gorgeous tunes that soundtracked both Despicable Me and its sequel. Pereira is an accomplished musician who's also done the scores for movies like It's Complicated and The Smurfs, so you can be sure that you'll be tuning into only the best when you decide it's time for a Minion-filled listening sesh.

But really, let's all just admit that the real reason we're all dying to get the Minions soundtrack is not for pretty instrumentals or even "Happy Together" — it's for the Minions, and specifically, the Minions covering some of the greatest his of the 20th century. I mean, just listen to them cover "Revolution" by The Beatles:

Almost better than the original, am I right? (I'm not.) Then there's "Make 'Em Laugh," the Singin' in the Rain classic that's become a musical theater staple:

And we can't forget the theme from The Monkees, an underrated gem of a song that the Minions perform with great enthusiasm:

Yet my personal favorite might just be "Hair." Has anyone ever taken on the musical's songs so perfectly?

Gotta love those Minions. They sing, they act, they flash their butts on movie screens across America — these guys are the ultimate triple threat.

Image: Universal Studios