6 Dating Challenges Music Lovers Face

Music lovers are a different breed. Those with meticulously curated record collections, perfectly manicured playlists, and concert calendars that stretch out months into the future take their sounds dead seriously, and are generally attracted to others who do the same. Although dating is a complicated dance no matter what, dating as a music lover presents a unique set of challenges, which begin the moment you bring up the subject of sonics.

As Nick Hornby writes in High Fidelity : "it's not what you are like, it's what you like," and many music lovers apply this logic to their courtship process. The easiest place to meet someone with similar sensibilities is, of course, a concert, so you can at least be sure you have one artist in common. If that doesn't pan out, and unless you're dating online and can access a full run down of someone's top 20, you never really know someone's taste until you ask. After that, all bets are off. Here are six challenges music lovers face when trying to date:

1. When Someone Says They Listen To "Everything"

Come on. "Everything" is not a genre, and anyone who responds to the earnest question of "what kind of music are you into" with this answer and without any proceeding qualifiers is suspect. If you're serious about your music, you're serious about genre and style, and can articulate it.

2. Finding Out Your Date Has Never Heard Of Your Favorite Artist(s)

A getting-to-know-you conversation driven by a mutual love (or at least interest) in your favorite artist(s) makes dating super easy, so there's nothing sadder than when you keep running names by your date and they merely stare back at you with a glazed over, blank look. That's the sign to change the subject to sports or TV — or to cut and run.

3. When Your Date Mislabels Your Subcultural Affiliation

Now more than ever, music has splintered into micro-genres, which is both obnoxious and gratifying for the OCD-inclined. As much as we'd love to all defy categorization, sometimes there are apt monikers for what we're into, and sometimes there are not. Being called an anarcho-punk/cyber goth/juggalo/junglist/whatever when you're decidedly not can be a major clit boner killer.

4. Navigating The Radio On Your First Car Ride Together

Woe is you if you are stuck in the car with a hot prospect and find yourself without an iPod connection, a CD player, satellite radio or hell, even a cassette player, and have to navigate the old AM/FM. To avoid some mega awkwardness if you're still not sure about their tastes, stick to classical or talk radio.

5. Doing (Or Not Doing) Karaoke Together

Music lovers into karaoke usually treat it as a hallowed ground to pay respects to their faves. It's also a place where great songs go to die, so it's a bit of a double edged sword. Choose wisely if you're not sure about your date's musical knowledge when you hit the karaoke room. The results can be disastrous.

6. Figuring Out An Appropriate Sex Playlist

A little aural sex never hurt anyone — well, except when you're doing it to a terrible soundtrack. Beware putting on a playlist before your first tangle in the sheets if you don't have a handle on your partner's likes and dislikes. While Sade segueing into L7 into Kendrick Lamar might get you wet, it could totally ruin the mood for your country music loving lover.

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