Clay Has A Lot Of Control Of Shelli's 'BB17' Game

From night one, we all knew they were going to become a thing. Clay and Shelli's showmance on Big Brother 17 was basically set in stone when Shelli called herself a "puma" on the premiere episode of the season and Clay just existed in life. But, as nice as it would be to see Slay quite literally live up to what should be their couple name, I think there's a possibility that Clay could be controlling Shelli's Big Brother game too much, which might turn into a huge disaster. And while I would never speak ill of Clay Honeycutt, I think it might be a good idea if he pumps the breaks a bit when it comes to playing co-HOH with Shelli, and let Shelli play her own game.

Since Shelli (and Clay) became HOH, she's been rooting to get Da'Vonne out of the house on Thursday. But in reality, Shelli wanted to get Audrey out when she originally won HOH, just like Becky wanted. Then the biggest joke of a fight occurred between Da'Vonne and Clay and suddenly Day became public enemy number one for Clay, which translates into Day being public enemy number one for Shelli, too. So let's be honest, Clay isn't good for Shelli's Big Brother game.

Yeah, I said it. Clay isn't good for Shelli's game. It's tough to critique this, because I truly think Clay thinks he's doing this for them, but Clay's motivations this week are not necessarily in Shelli's best interest. After the veto competition, Clay basically told Shelli what to do with her power of Head of Household, and it was not chill at all.

The reason this is dangerous is because these two have already made themselves a huge target by isolating themselves in the HOH room as the king and queen of the house. Also, a couple is dangerous in the house because they're going to stick together no matter what. Unless, of course, there is a falling out between Clay and Shelli... which would be absolutely tragic. Not.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy