5 Cheap Sex Toys You Need In Your Life

I know what it’s like to be a budget babe. I’ve been known to run like the wind just to score a free bottle of water. And cheap sex toys are no different. Finding the right sex toys on a budget can seem akin to looking for a cheap apartment in New York. Very tricky but not impossible. God knows it’s just as important. After all, this is something you’re going to stick in your vagina (or maybe your butt). Or his penis. Or both! This is way more difficult than shopping for new shoes that fit.

There are many questions to ask yourself, are you going to use this with a partner? Solo? Do you live alone? Will you travel with it? Are the walls so thin the neighbors can hear when you fart? Decisions, decisions! Thankfully, there are more sex toy options out now than ever before, and it's totally possible to find cheap yet effective sex toys. It’s time to treat your self! On a budget of course. From cock rings to handcuffs —heck, even nipple clamps— here are some cheap sex toys you should know about. And, if all else fails, you’ve always got your electric toothbrush. Juuuuust kidding!

1. Cock Rings

These cock rings aren’t more than $10. Heck this one is only $6. They keep your partner hard longer. You can also stick a mini vibe in there (or get one that vibrates) for extra stimulation.

2. Vibrators

Who says you need to whip out the big guns? Yes, the Rabbit is pretty much considered one of the best vibrators to exist ever. But hey you've lived this long without ever eating at a Le Cirque, your vagina will certainly be fine without the rabbit. Instead, try this cute little butterfly kiss vibe. It’s small, intense, and brightly colored so you’ll never lose it. And it’s only 18 smackeroos.

3. Shower Stand

If you don’t have a tub like Beyonce’s, your best attempts at surfboarding may have been an exercise in futility. Not to fear, even the most un-athletic of you can feel like shower goddesses with the help of this handy dandy shower foot rest. Because showers are NOT JUST for getting clean, ladiezzz! Stick one of these babies on the wall of your shower and use it to prop your foot up or grip onto for easier action. Tada! You could be a regular acrobat with one of these.

4. Hand Cuffs

“Why hello officer, whatever are you stopping me for?” Yeah, I know you’ve been waiting to say that. Pretend you’ve been arrested and locked to your bed with these cheap and comfy handcuffs by Sportsheets. They cost as much as three bevs from the coffee shop, so you if you can chill on that caffeine habit you can easily afford these. Plus, you’ll be way less jittery in the morning. Win-win, bishes.

5. Nipple Pinchers

If you ask me, having your nipples pinches sounds as much fun as having someone else pick your nose. But I know a lot of you like to get freaky deaky so I’m throwing it out there. Plus, these Bound to Please Nipple Clamps only $19.95 which is cheaper than a gel manicure and it will last a hell of a lot longer. So like Missy says, “get yo freak on!”

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Images: Good Vibrations (4); Sportsheets (1)