Shark Week Ending Will Give You All The Feels

It's the common cliche we all find ourselves uttering: "Time flies" — and it really does. It seems like just yesterday summer began and we welcomed Shark Week on Discovery Channel. But, alas, all awesome things must come to an end, and you must face the stages of grief as Shark Week ends in 2015. After a week of sharks and shark-related entertainment, the special summer programming will take its final bite, but don't worry, you'll be able to deal. We'll all make it through this.

The transition from Shark Week awesomeness to dull real life will be tough, but it won't be as bad once you know what to expect. Plus, Discovery Channel is making it easier on us all by adding a Shark Weekend in August. Cherish that weekend, because after that, you'll have to wait a year for Shark Week to make it back to the small screen. Sure, there will be tears at first and some frustrated yelling at TV shows that don't have sharks, but I'm here to tell you it'll all be OK. Let those feelings out, and then start counting the days to the next edition of Shark Week in 2016.

Take a deep breath. Here are the stages of grief you'll need to look out for once Shark Week ends.

1. Denial

You keep turning on the TV expecting to see sharks, and there's no sharks. This happens about 50 times a day.

2. Anger

Your TV keeps showing Friends repeats instead of Shark Week. While you love Friends (who doesn't?), IT IS NOT SHARK WEEK. The remote goes flying toward the TV and hits Chandler right between the eyes.

3. Bargaining

You find the contact info for Discovery Channel. You e-mail and call them, begging for just one more shark special. Maybe they can air Jaws? Just a little something. Anything.

4. Watching TV & Movies That Feature Sharks

Finally, you decide to make your own Shark Week. You curate a shark-themed movie marathon that includes Jaws (and sequels), Sharknado (and sequels), Snow Shark, Psycho Shark, Shark Attack, and more. Nothing is going to stop you from having a sharktastic time.

5. Obsess Over Katy Perry's Left Shark From The Super Bowl

He was the last famous shark to grace our screens, and he seemed like he knew how to have a good time. You yearn to dance with him, and try to track him down. You must hang out with him.

6. Getting Your Own Shark

OK, all the other stuff hasn't worked so now you're all in: You want your own shark. You begin searching Google high and low for information on how to adopt a shark as part of your family — but boy is it expensive and dangerous.

7. Acceptance

You've done all you can. Shark Week is but a memory now. The leaves are turning brown. The autumn breeze is in the air. You decide if it's truly meant to be, you and Shark Week will happily reunite next summer.

In the meantime, Halloween is coming up and you're going as Left Shark. Shark Week 4ever.

Images: Jimi Partington/Discovery Channel; Giphy (7)