17 Food Inspired Nails To Literally Drool Over

Nail art is certainly having its 15 minutes of fame; actually, scratch that, more like its 15 months of fame, and food inspired nails are no different. While beauty trend analysts wax and wane over the popularity and future of embellished nails, it doesn't seem that we're about to hit peak nail art saturation any time soon. And while some styles leave you scratching your head, wondering how they pulled it off (and how they do daily tasks with 3D art or super-long nails), there are fortunately countless nail trend tutorials on the Internet that can level up your finger skillz so you can create the coolest designs. The latest yummy trend that's totally wetting my cosmetic appetite? Delectable food-themed nails.

It seems to me that detailed nail art tends to divide people and can take some time to get used to — some (like myself) hoard nail polish and obsess over recreating every quirky design, while others wouldn't be caught dead in anything but a perfectly polished classic French manicure. Whatever camp you consider yourself part of, you can surely appreciate the time, dedication, and steady handedness that it takes to accomplish these intricate digits.

In need of some foodie inspo for your next nail art design? Then keep scrolling for some delicious ideas, and don't blame me if you're hungry by the end!

1. Pop Tarts

Breakfast of champions (or hungover college students).

2. Pretzels

Gluten free and adorable.

3. Bananas

These nails are certainly appeeling...

4. Oreos

These won't get soggy in milk.

5. Strawberries

Strawberry fields forever, right?

6. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Getting all romantical and fancy with it!

7. Hamburgers

Be the burger Queen with this meaty look.

8. Hot Dogs

What's a summer picnic without hot dogs?

9. Cherries

Just the perfect topping for your sundae best.

10. Fried Eggs

I guess it's better to have egg on your nails than on your face.

11. Bacon & Eggs

Making Ron Swanson proud.

12. Veggies

Keeping digits healthy!

13. Gumballs

Anyone have a quarter?

14. Sushi

The freshest set in the game.

15. Avocados

I bet you're craving guacamole now (sans peas, of course)!

16. Ice Cream

The perfect summer treat, now portable at all times!

17. Sour Patch Kids

First they're sour, then they're sweet!

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