The 7 Stages Of Trying A New Beauty Trend

Some could argue 2014 was a year of very... interesting fashion choices. As the year progressed, the bold makeup and colorful hair seemed to get even more bolder and even more colorful. And more people started trying out these trends out IRL.

Call me a purist (or a scaredy cat), but I have never been one to jump on the outrageously awesome makeup or hair trends. I have never dyed the color of my hair and the boldest lipstick I've recently put on is a deep red. But I have so much respect for the confident women who I see in Target wearing bold lipstick on a normal shopping day or my friend who just dared to chop all her hair into a pixie cut. I'm actually a little jealous of their confidence. There's a lot to be said about the women who are bold enough to rock trends they love in public. Meanwhile, I struggled cutting my hair to my shoulders.

It's not easy, although their confidence may make it look effortless. But whether those daring, beautiful women would like to admit it or not, some trends are difficult to pull off right away. Below, I've listed some common emotional stages of trying new fashion or beauty trends, and having the confidence to rock them in public — even if it means ignoring some judgmental stares. Who has time for that?

1. The Inspiration

Typically found in a magazine or (for me) scrolling through celebrity images on E!. Generally, those brilliant trends don't appear out of thin air.

2. Deciding If You Actually Think It's Cool

Before spending money on a new makeup product, hair dye, or even a new tattoo, (the new trend could be pretty permanent) it's probably wise to take some time to think. Perhaps semi-permanent pink is the best way to go for now.

3. Like, Reaaaallly Deciding If You Actually Think Its Cool

Hey, if Miles Teller tells you that you're confident enough to try it, then you're confident enough to try it.

4. Trial And Error

Not only is this stage for practicing to put on the lipstick/eyeshadow/cat-eye/wigs of colorful hair, but also for practicing the confidence to walk out the door with rainbow bangs.

5. Actually Committing

Commitment isn't only scary when it comes to personal relationships. So your New Years Resolution was to be bolder in your lipstick choices? Go for it! Buy all the lipsticks, even the colors you can no longer find. Then, promise yourself to never walk out of your house without a color on your pout. For additional help with the c-word, I encourage you to draw up a contract with yourself, sign it, and put in on or near the mirror you use to put on makeup. At the very least, start with wearing it while you are at home or at a friend's place until you're ready to make the next step.

6. Actually Committing Enough To Leave the House

Sure, it's easy to put on those wigs and love yourself in in the mirror, but what are you going to do when you actually have to face people in public? Just do it. Step out the door. Who cares what other people think? They're all just jealous.

7. Being Proud Of Your Daredevilish Beauty Skills

Be proud of yourself, you beautiful girl! You just did something daring, and probably something most women are wanting to try, with confidence. Rock your new style with every step. Just don't get too emotional about your latest triumph — running mascara totally clashes with fuchsia lipstick.

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