There's A Pixar Movie For Every Mood

For nearly 30 years, Pixar has been cranking out films that touch our hearts and mangle our tear ducts. Now that they've built an impressive, Oscar-winning filmography, there's basically a Pixar movie for every emotion. If there's one thing the renowned animation studio is known for, it's making funny, hilarious films that are remarkably uplifting. Whether you're feeling sad, anxious, annoyed, or disappointed, it doesn't matter — I guarantee that Pixar has a movie to turn that frown into at least a polite grimace (and you'll probably cry in the process).

The thing about Pixar movies is that they're not simple children's entertainment. More often than not, their films transcend age limits, thanks largely in part to their nuanced and emotionally rich storytelling. The studio uses lush animation, strong writing, and clever humor to confront heavy adult themes, and they do so in a way that works for all ages. If you're in a "bad mood," a Pixar movie in and of itself won't produce an artificial change. Instead, most Pixar movies are so thoughtfully written that they'll make you reflect on life in a way that ends up feeling hopeful and slyly optimistic.

So, no matter how down or out you may be feeling, Pixar has just the stuff to get you back on that horse. Here are seven Pixar movies to get you through any emotion.

Beat Down: The Incredibles (2004)

Sometimes, it can feel like the world doesn't value your strengths. In fact, sometimes, it seems like the world is so threatened by them that it makes them illegal and your entire family has to go into hiding. Incidentally, The Incredibles has just the extended metaphor to help you cope (and, in my humble opinion, it's one of the greatest comedies ever made).

Like You Need Your Kids To Be Quiet: Cars 2 (2011)

Pixar produced this movie specifically to make children docile. Give it a whirl.

Discouraged About Your Own Potential: Up (2009)

The first five minutes may wreck you, but the next 85 will have you floating on air.

Homesick: Finding Nemo (2003)

You may be lost in the big swirling ocean of life, but Finding Nemo will remind you that your family is out there, they love you, and they have a really dumb friend who's trying to help them find you.

Inadequate: A Bug's Life (1998)

The story of a loser ant who accidentally recruits a group of circus performers to defend his colony from invaders is one for the underdogs.

Cynical About Society: Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E is a great reminder that, even in a world where humans have wrecked the environment completely — and boy do the humans wreck the environment in this movie — there can still be love, compassion, friendship, and hope. If you think you're too calloused to be moved by a sentient roach and two infatuated robots, you're wrong.

Lonely: Monsters Inc. (2001)

The friendship between two monsters, Sully and Mike, is pretty touching, in itself; the bond between Sully and 2 year old human toddler Boo will make you feel so many feels that you won't be able to help but feel connected to humanity. Oh, who am I kidding? Any Pixar movie can be watched at any time no matter what mood you're in. They're all pick-me-ups in the end.

Images: Pixar; Giphy (7)