Jackie & Kelso Would Never Camp On Their Honeymoon

Rumor has it that after their rumored wedding, Jackie and Kelso — I mean, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher hitched up the recreational vehicle and went on their honeymoon to Yosemite National Park. Cue the "awwwws!" Us Magazine reports that the pair were spotted at one of America's most beautiful spots enjoying a beautiful honeymoon.

A fan posted pictures on Twitter of the couple and former That '70s Show costars (and most adorably annoying TV couple of all time) after meeting them at the Ahwanee Hotel at Yosemite National Park. The pair supposedly wed over July 4 weekend. (Kutcher's former costar from Two And A Half Men John Cryer tweeted a confirmation of the wedding, but the couple themselves still haven't spoken publicly about it.) The fan saw them with their daughter, Wyatt, and it's reported that they hung a sign with "Camp KuKu" by their campsite, just like the ones they are said to have hung for friends at the tents at their "rustic" wedding. It's almost too cute. According to the Twitter post, Kutcher wouldn't take a photo with the fan, but only shook her hand. Makes sense! He's on his honeymoon! Allegedly!

Whether Kutcher and Kunis were celebrating their honeymoon or not, it's clear that the two of them are much more suited to a laid-back kind of relationship than Jackie and Kelso were on That '70s Show. Here are just a few reasons those Jackie and Kelso could never escape a camping honeymoon unscathed...

1. Neither of them could possibly cook anything over a campfire

Kelso was hopeless, and as if Jackie Burkhart would ever try her skills out in the kitchen lest she break a nail. They'd probably forget to bring vittles and only bring beer, anyway.

2. They'd just end up fighting the whole time

The most yell-iest couple on TV.

3. Or boning the whole time

When they weren't fighting, they were making out, usually in the back of a van.

4. Jackie would probably get jealous

You'd think in the great outdoors, Jackie wouldn't feel threatened by any competition, but I'm sure Michael Kelso would be dim enough to look at a park ranger the wrong way.

5. Jackie would demand a much more glamorous honeymoon

She was, after all, the true Snow Queen, and someone of such a royal title would refuse to spend a honeymoon in the wilderness.

6. They tried it, and it didn't work out so well

In the very last episode of That '70s Show, the gang DOES try to go camping, which Jackie turns into an opportunity to pit Hyde and Michael against each other to vie for her love and attention. She ultimately decides that the most important person in her life is herself.

Whether it was their official honeymoon or just a romp in one of America's most beautiful preserved parks, I'm happy that Ashton and Mila seem to be sailing smooth. Who knows where they'll take that RV next?

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