7 Pixar Movies To Watch When You're In The Mood To

When it comes to amazing animated movies, Pixar is undoubtedly at the top of the game. And not only is the animation top notch, but the stories they tell in each and every film are incredibly complex and emotional. You'll laugh, for sure, but if you're anything like me, you'll also cry your eyes out. Somehow, the people at Pixar manage to create plots that are unique and engrossing for audiences of all ages, and that never get old, no matter how many times you watch them. And believe me, if you've ever seen a Pixar movie (of course you have), you'll likely have watched it more than once, gladly.

In the past 20 years, Pixar has released an impressive 15 films, with eight more currently in the works through 2018 and beyond. And while every one of them is wonderful in its own way, a few really stick out to me and get to me more than others. If you like to have a night in bed, having a good old cry and eating a whole bag of Utz BBQ chips like me, then you should pop in the following Pixar movies, which are guaranteed to get the waterworks flowing in no time.

Inside Out

Pixar's latest release is a serious hard-hitter. The story of 11-year-old Riley, who's experiencing the many conflicted emotions surrounding her move to a new city as well as, you know, puberty, is a serious punch in the gut and I found myself wanting to sob pretty much the entire way through. So beautiful, so relatable.

Toy Story

All three of the Toy Story films will get you in their own way, but there's nothing quite like the original, I don't think. The way these toys love Andy and how much they've been through together... ugh, I'm just a sucker for it. I cry every single time, even all these years later.

Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... don't you just love Finding Nemo? It has such a happy ending, so my tears are happy tears, but that doesn't mean they're not there! I can't bear poor little Nemo's dad and how worried he is and how hard it must be to be a single father and AHHHH I have to stop talking about it now.


Brave is so uplifting, and Merida is such a great role model, and I think that's why this one makes me so emotional. She goes out there and fights against the odds with courage and strength and I get a little choked up thinking about how wonderful that is and what a great message it sends to young girls.

Monsters Inc.

That final goodbye scene! I just... can we just watch the video and not talk about it so that I can finish this piece? Otherwise, I feel like I won't get through it without collapsing into one giant pile of tears.


A robot left behind to clean up an abandoned earth, who falls in love with another robot in one of the best, most adorable cartoon love stories ever? Commence the crying!


I literally only have to look at, like, a gif from Up and I'm gone, every single time without fail. It's enough to melt even the coldest, darkest heart out there, which I like to pretend I have but I clearly do not. Up can teach us so much about love and perseverance and kindness and it can also make us go through an entire box of tissues.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (7)