Did Liz & Julia Lose the 'BB17' Twin Twist?

by Sally Mercedes

It's official. We're only about two weeks into the season and already, the Big Brother 17 Twin Twist has been revealed. Folks inside and outside the house are wondering what this means for Liz and Julia’s game. The twist was a fan favorite back in Season 5 when Natalie and Adria competed as one person, making it long enough in the game to play separately. Back then, they needed to survive five eviction nights without being detected or evicted, but is that the case here? Not only did the houseguests guess the twist, but Liz's twin Julia has admitted it herself. The secret’s out in the open now, and with the alarming rate at which information spreads in this house, it’s only a matter of time before the houseguests have their suspicions confirmed.

Jason has shared his own theory on the Twin Twist with the live feeders: If this were BB UK, then discovering the twins would have granted Da’Vonne a special power, but here, the producers would probably just tell her to get them out of the house if she’s suspicious. So far, it does seem that Jason’s right, and if Da’Vonne has been given any sort of reward for catching on to the twist, she’s kept her lips sealed.

With all of this commotion around the Twin Twist, Big Brother obviously knows what’s been going on but nothing has really changed in the house, leaving some fans wondering what the deal is.

A review of this season’s premiere seems to indicate that the Twin Twist might remain in play because they only have to worry about being evicted. Julie said, “If they can survive the first five evictions, they both earn the right to enter the game and play as individual houseguests.”

Surely, the producers would have told Liz and Julia if they absolutely had to keep their twist a secret. Um... Right? Which means that Julia would have kept her mouth shut and denied, denied, denied to Vanessa and everyone else.

But what if losing the Twin Twist means that only one can play moving forward? When Julia confessed her secret to Vanessa, she mentioned that the twins were supposed to switch on Wednesday and only talked game instead.

What's Big Brother up to? Could they possibly use Thursday night's eviction to reveal the twist to the house? Could Julia be stuck in the house now? So many questions! Hopefully the eviction episode will give us some answers.

Image: CBS