Did Julia Just Confirm The 'BB17' Twin Twist?

Remember that time Big Brother tried to bring back the Season 5 Twin Twist and it totally failed? Yeah. Unlike Adria and Natalie, who made it past the five-week mark without being discovered or evicted, Big Brother 17 twins Liz and Julia aroused suspicion early on. When Da’Vonne shared her concerns with Jason earlier this week, news traveled fast and soon half the house was looking for confirmation. Still, nothing was confirmed until late Wednesday night when Julia came clean and revealed she's Liz's sister. How and why did it get to this point? Let’s recap!

In an attempt to get Liz’s vote, Da’Vonne told her that some people in the house think Liz is a twin and that they’ve been switching places. (This would have been more effective if she had just gone to Liz before telling the whole house, but we’ll set that aside for a bit.) Julia, as Liz, began to notice that the houseguests were grilling her for information, trying to get her to slip up, and sitting in the living room when she went to the Diary Room to see if the same person came out.

When talking strategy and alliances with Vanessa, Julia mentioned the rumor and Vanessa asked her flat-out if it’s true. After some hesitation, she admitted that it’s true and that she’s Julia, not Liz.

After that reveal, Julia and Vanessa quickly laid out a plan to form an alliance that would keep the twins safe for a while longer: Get Clay and Shelli on board, tell Austin what’s up, and start covering Liz/Julia’s tracks.

With just a few hours left in the HOH room, Shelli and Clay met with Julia this morning to go over everything the houseguests have been watching out for, everything from freckles and birthmarks to stories about cheating and favorite foods. Vanessa took that opportunity to tell Austin what’s up and get him on board with a new six-person alliance – Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia.

Vanessa was insistent when talking to Julia last night that they cannot tell the house the truth about the Twin Twist, but is that really a good move? Almost everyone knows what’s going on anyway, except fro Audrey. Even with four other houseguests helping Liz/Julia, how much can they really cover up this whole thing? Surely they don’t actually think that Liz/Julia wearing socks to hide that birthmark is really going to cut it.

One thing this all means for sure is that Da’Vonne is absolutely out of the house tonight. By officially aligning themselves with Clay and Shelli, now Vanessa, Liz/Julia, and Austin are not going to throw any votes Day’s way, whether strategically or as pity votes. It’s looking like bye bye Day and hello Julia up in the Big Brother house — at least for now.

Image: CBS